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7 Easy DIY Fall Car Care Tips From Master Techs

Fall is just around the corner. So it’s a good time to get your car ready for the cooler, rainier months ahead. Our certified service technicians here at Honda of Ocala, your hometown Honda dealership in Ocala, Florida, gathered together some simple car care tips that you can easily do yourself. Of course, our Service Department is always ready and willing to lend a hand, providing you with expert advice and assistance. We can also do the work for you.

Our “Master Tech Tips” step-by-step videos are a great resource for both first-time and seasoned automotive “do-it-yourselfers.” Be sure and watch them before starting your fall DIY car maintenance project.

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Essential New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car

Did you know? 45% of Americans make New Year resolutions and yet only 8% are successful at achieving their goals. This is mainly because people set unrealistic goals that are hard to achieve. Making a list of unrealistic goals then failing to achieve them will only leave you feeling lousy. Why not come up with more specific and realistic goals. For example, consider your car and how you can prevent it from overheating and breaking down. This will help you get to where you need to be in order to help achieve the rest of your New Year resolutions.

Here are 5 New Year’s resolutions every car owner needs:


1. Get Regular Oil Changes
Engine oil helps keep your car’s internal parts clean and lubricated. This in turn helps regulate heat-flow which prevents your engine form overheating. Also, replacing old oil with new oil prevents dirt and debris build-up which causes engine damage. Be sure to get an oil change every 3,000 miles or change your oil at the start of a new season. 

2. Check your Tire Pressure Regularly
Tires last longer when they are properly inflated. Don’t let roadside tire problems and costly repairs ruin your day. Keeping your tires properly inflated will help keep your car balanced. Not to mention, save gas. According to the Department of Transportation, over 2 billion gallons of fuel is wasted each year due to poor tire pressure. Be sure to refer to your owner’s manual or get help from service experts at Honda of Ocala.

3. Keep your Fluids Topped Off
Whether you drive a car, a truck or an SUV, your vehicle should always have a sufficient supply of coolant, brake fluid, transmission fluid and power steering fluid. Be sure to check your car’s fluid levels on a monthly basis, especially when temperatures change drastically. Doing this keeps your car running smoothly.

4. Be A fuel Efficient Driver
You don’t have to endure an uncomfortable ride in a small compact car to save on gas. Whether you drive a Honda Ridgeline or Honda CR-V you too can save on gas by driving efficiently. Avoiding aggressive driving such as speeding, rapid acceleration and rapid braking will improve your gas mileage.

5. Keep your Car Clean
Take some time to clear out unnecessary items out of your car. This will give you more room and help keep your driver paperwork organized. Also, getting rid of excess weight will help maximize your miles per gallon. Once you are done with the interior, you can focus on your car’s exterior. Be sure to give your ride a car wash and a wax finish to protect your car’s paint.

This year, consider New Year’s resolutions for your car and kiss goodbye car problems. The trick is being consistent and paying attention to symptoms. If you don’t know the first thing about cars, have no fear! Let the experts at Honda of Ocala help you reach your New Year’s goals for your car. With our service specials you can save enough to put the rest towards any new necessary car parts for your Honda. Schedule a service appointment online or visit us at 1800 SW College Road Ocala, FL 34471. We look forward to serving you!