Learn About Southern Holiday Traditions From Honda of Ocala

The Southern way of celebrating the holidays is rich in tradition and folklore dating back generations. You may be surprised to know that the South began observing Christmas, adopting many European-influenced traditions we now consider typical, long before folks up north caught on to the idea. In fact, Christmas was made a legal holiday in Louisiana, Alabama, and Arkansas; three of the first states to do so. It wasn’t until 1870 that President Grant proclaimed Christmas as a national holiday.

You’ll find that many of the ways most Americans celebrate Christmas are rooted in the South. But there are other holiday practices exclusive to the South.

We here at your hometown Honda new car dealership near Ocala, FL, Honda of Ocala, thought it would be fun to share some of these interesting Southern Christmas traditions. We hope that you’ll get a better appreciation of the special way Southerners celebrate Christmas.


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Magnolia Wreaths – Because the magnolia tree is an evergreen, as is the pine tree usually associated with Christmas, many Southerners still decorate their homes with beautiful wreaths made from magnolia.


One Candle In Each Window – This charming tradition comes to us from Irish settlers who use the candle to remember loved ones far away.


Gifts Of Citrus – It’s easy for us here in the Sunshine State, one of the world’s most prolific producers of citrus products, to forget that there was a time when citrus was very hard to obtain in many interior parts of the South. To get a bag of oranges or tangerines on Christmas Day was a real treat for many Southerners. To this day, folks will place an orange or two in a stocking and will use citrus in holiday decorations. Clove-studded oranges lend a fragrant scent to Southern holidays. Continue reading

Thanksgiving Made Easy: 10 Super-Simple Recipes

It’s time once again to savor the sights, sounds, and fragrant smells of Thanksgiving in Ocala, Florida. Whether you usually serve up a traditional Thanksgiving feast or like to be a bit adventurous, there are plenty of mouth-watering recipes that will help you prepare the perfect Thanksgiving dinner for friends and family.

You could spend a lot of time online searching through dozens of websites and thousands of Thanksgiving recipes. Or, you can let your friends here at your hometown Honda new car dealership in Ocala, Honda of Ocala, do the work for you.

We revved up our mice, put our keyboards into overdrive, and came up with a list of our top 10 Thanksgiving recipes that are super easy to prepare. From appetizers, side dishes, and desserts to the perfectly cooked Thanksgiving bird, we think you’ll find just the right recipes to make your Thanksgiving feast everything you want it to be. Bon Appetit!


Photo: tasteofhome.com

  1. Triple Cranberry Sauce

Let this delicious and tangy cranberry sauce from Arlene Smulski of Lyons, Illinois puts some flavorful “zing” into your Thanksgiving meal. Get her recipe at http://www.tasteofhome.com/recipes/triple-cranberry-sauce Continue reading

How To Avoid Serious Accidents In Florida

It’s a sad fact, but driving on our Florida highways is becoming more and more dangerous with every year. According to the Florida DMV, more than 200,000 highway accidents occur on Florida roadways each year. Many of these accidents are preventable. So, how can you drive more safely here in Florida?


Here are some steps you can take to drive safer, saner, and smarter. These safe driving tips from your hometown Honda new car dealer near Ocala, FL, Honda of Ocala, may not only help you avoid a costly accident, but they may also actually help save your life and the lives of your loved ones.

1. Wear Your Seatbelts

Statistics prove that wearing seatbelts saves lives. One of the simplest and most effective ways you can drive more safely is to make sure that you and your passengers buckle up. Not only is it common sense to wear a seatbelt, but it’s also the law. It’s also especially important to make sure that young children are properly fastened into their seatbelts or car seats.

2. Slow Down

It seems that just about everyone is in a hurry these days. But don’t let your fast-paced lifestyle interfere with good judgment. Even driving between 5 and 10 miles over the speed limit can have deadly consequences. By slowing down and obeying posted speed limits, you’ll have more time to react to potential problems, as well as save yourself a costly speeding ticket. And you’ll even save money on gas because driving more slowly is more fuel efficient. Continue reading

How To Save With Honda Of Ocala’s Service Specials

What’s that noise? Is it a rattling? Or a clanking? You’re not sure what it is. Pretty spooky if you ask us. If you think your Honda is possessed, or if you just need to perform routine maintenance, “who ya gonna call?”

The answer, of course, is the Honda of Ocala Service Center. That’s because we’re “busting” the high cost of getting your Honda serviced with “spooktacular” fall service specials. Simply put, the scary high prices those “other guys” charge for automotive service in Ocala don’t stand a ghost of a chance here at Honda of Ocala.

Honda of Ocala Service Specials


$19.95 Full-Service Oil Change – Oil is the lifeblood of your Honda. Dirty oil can cause excess wear and tear on the engine, as well as affect fuel economy. We’ll change the oil, replace the oil filter and reset that oil reminder indicator, too. Plus, we’ll inspect your battery, check your air filter, and top off all fluids at no extra charge. (Extra charge for synthetic oil.) Continue reading

Honda’s New Civic Takes On Corolla: Who wins?

If you’re looking for a four-door sedan that combines youthful style, lively performance, exceptional fuel economy, and the latest tech in a fun-to-drive package, then the new Honda Civic should be at the top of your list. And at our new car dealership, we are proud to have the 2016 Honda Civic for sale in Ocala, FL.

Civic vs. Corolla

2016 Honda Civic

Image: automobiles.honda.com/civic-sedan

For years, the Honda Civic has been a best-seller both domestically and internationally. But there are a lot of other cars out there that want to knock the Civic off its pedestal. Take the Toyota Corolla, for example. Sharing similar dimensions as the Civic, the Corolla targets the same hotly contested segment as the Civic. When you put the 2016 Civic and the 2016 Corolla next to each other you’ll find that they have many common attributes.

That being said, some notable differences set each other apart. So which car is the better choice? Let’s find out.

Civic Takes North American Car Of The Year Honors

Right off the bat, the new 2016 Honda Civic gets an advantage over the Corolla. It’s an honor that the completely redesigned Civic was named “North American Car of the Year” at the 2016 North American Auto Show. This prestigious award was bestowed on the Civic by automotive experts who know a winner when they see one. Continue reading

Why Is The Accord Better Than The Camry?

If you’re in the market for new cars near Ocala this Labor Day Weekend, you may be asking yourself which would be the perfect car for a long Labor Day road trip?

You have lots of choices, but certainly, two cars that should be at the top of your list are the 2017 Honda Accord from your hometown Ocala Honda dealer, Honda of Ocala, and the 2017 Toyota Camry.

Whether a taking the family to Orlando for a fun-filled holiday, heading to one of our many sun-drenched Florida beaches, or maybe taking a longer road trip to nearby states, both the Accord and the Camry offer spacious interiors, excellent performance, and fuel economy, and an array of the latest infotainment technology to keep everybody happy.

But when it comes right down to it, which of these popular four-door sedans edges out the other regarding style, interior comfort, performance, fuel efficiency, technology, and safety? Let’s find out.


Accord’s Stunning New Design

The Accord and the Camry recently underwent cosmetic sheetmetal changes, with the Accord getting a major refresh just last year. Taking many design cues from its upscale Acura brethren, the 2017 Accorda is bolder, sleeker, sexier, and sportier than ever. Some styling highlights include a dramatic new chrome grille flanked by a row of available jeweled LED headlights, a low-slung hood with expressive character creases, a lower and wider stance, bold new rear taillights, and a sweeping coupe-like roofline blending into an integrated rear spoiler. Eye-catching new available 19-inch sport alloy wheels and available chrome-tipped exhausts are a couple of styling cues that amp up the Accord’s sporty flair. The Accord’s aerodynamic new looks contribute to improved fuel economy.

The 2017 Camry also has its admirers. The Camry underwent its own refresh in 2015 along with the Corolla. The Camry certainly looks good, too; although its sportier cosmetic demeanor may not actually pay off where the rubber meets the road. Compared to the Accord, the Camry can be ordered with smaller 18-inch rims. Continue reading

How To Prep Your Car For Labor Day Driving

Millions of American will be hitting the road this Labor Day Weekend. But before you load up the family and head out of town, there are a few things you should do to ensure that your Honda is prepared to deliver you to your Labor Day holiday destination safely.

We consulted our certified Master Technicians here at Honda of Ocala, your hometown Ocala, FL Honda new car dealership. They put together some Master Tech Tips about how to prepare your Honda for a fun-filled Labor Day Weekend. Of course, these essential auto maintenance tips apply to just about any make or model vehicle.

1. Check The Tires – Your Honda’s tires not only provide a smooth ride, but they are also critical to safety. Worn or damaged tires are a potential hazard. A blown tire at highway speeds could even be deadly. It’s easy to see if you have enough tire tread by inserting a quarter into several tire grooves. If you can see the top of Washington’s head, you have exceeded the safety limitations of your tires and should get them replaced. Also, uneven tire wear may indicate that your car needs an alignment.

Correct tire pressure also plays an important role. You’ll find the proper tire pressure on a sticker affixed to the inside of the driver’s side door jam. Tires tend to overinflate in hotter weather and underinflate in colder weather. Use a tire pressure gauge to check your tire pressure. You should also look for any gouges or cracks in the sidewall. Read your Honda Owner’s Manual to find out how frequently you should rotate your tires. Our Honda of Ocala Service Center is your one-stop-shop for tire care. We will be happy to inspect your tires for you, free of charge. We also offer many top-quality tire brands. Continue reading

7 Exclusive Ways To Save On Your Honda Service


At Honda of Ocala, your Honda President’s Award-winning Ocala Honda new car dealer serving Leesburg and Marion County, FL, we know that you have many choices when it comes to automotive repair shops near Ocala, FL. That’s why we go the extra mile with our exclusive Honda of Ocala Advantage. With the Honda of Ocala Advantage, not only do you get our $1,000 price protection guarantee, complimentary 1st-year maintenance on every new and used vehicle sold, a 3-day vehicle exchange guarantee, and an exceptional 20-year/200,000-mile limited warranty on just about every car we sell, you also receive: Continue reading

Amazing Facts About NASCAR You Need To Know

If you’ve ever thought about going to watch an exciting NASCAR race but you feel intimidated because you don’t know very much about the sport, we’ve got you covered. We’re passionate about NASCAR here at your hometown Ocala Honda dealership, Honda of Ocala. And we’d like to share that passion with you by introducing you to this supercharged, super-fast, super exciting spectator sport.

We’ll start with a brief history of NASCAR as we trace how it’s evolved from humble beginnings to one of the world’s most popular sporting events.


NASCAR – The Early Years

World War II had ended, and America was getting back to normalcy. GIs returned home and were eager to get back behind the wheel. Craving excitement, backyard speed demons fueled an explosion of makeshift tracks throughout the country where they could show off their driving skills. Some improvised tracks sprung up briefly during county fairs. Races were often chaotic affairs and rules varied from track to track. Nonetheless, stock car racing was drawing crowds from coast to coast. But it soon became apparent that some organization of this growing sport needed to happen.


Enter Bill France, Sr. He was a strong-willed man who had a vision of what stock car racing could become. He organized the first meeting of track owners in Daytona Beach in December 1947 organizing the National Association for Stock Car Racing to establish set standards for the sport. The first NASCAR race was held on Feb. 15, 1948, with the legendary Red Byron besting his rivals on Daytona’s beach-road course in his modified Ford. Six days after the race, on Feb. 21, 1948, NASCAR was officially incorporated.

Shortly after that, in 1949, Jim Roper of Great Bend, KS won the first NASCAR Grand National race at the Charlotte Fairgrounds. This would become what we know today as the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, the sport’s premier racing division. In 1950, Darlington Raceway opened in South Carolina, becoming the nation’s first asphalt superspeedway. This was followed by the storied Daytona International Speedway, debuting as one of the largest such facilities in the world. The first Daytona 500 ended in a photo finish between Lee Petty and Johnny Beauchamp. It would be three days before Petty was declared the winner. Continue reading

Customize Your Honda With Genuine Honda Accessories

Your beautiful new Honda from your Ocala Honda new and used car dealer, Honda of Ocala, is your pride and joy. While it came with just about everything you could ask for, there’s still lots of opportunities to make your Honda uniquely yours. It’s a snap to order your Genuine Honda Accessories online through the Honda eStore.

Just plug in your VIN number or navigate to your particular make and model. If you’re looking for Honda accessories in The Villages, Leesburg County, Marion County or Ocala, Florida, here are some examples of the many exclusive Honda products that are tailor-made for your Honda.

2016 Honda Accord Sedan


All-Season Floor Mats

Protect your investment with these rugged, heavy-duty floor mats custom-molded to your specific model Honda (Accord shown). They are specially designed to trap dirt, offer a custom appearance, and are easily cleaned with soap and water. (Retail price, $143)


Custom Splash Guard Set

These custom-fitted splash guards not only look great, they help protect your Honda Accord from corrosion, chips, and other road debris. (Retail price $104)

cargo-net-accord Continue reading