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Congratulations Graduates!


Graduation is quickly approaching and, while exciting, a lot of stress may arise from big decisions on your next move to start your career. Before you start your career, consider taking a road trip to your favorite destination or somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit for some fun and relaxation.

Take advantage of your new found freedom after graduation. Freedom from work before you get your first big job. Freedom from commitment before you choose a city to settle down in. Freedom from the financial responsibilities that will ensue. We recommend that you take some time, even just a little, to enjoy this freedom by travelling, and what better way to travel than in a new car from Honda of Ocala?

Lucky for you, if you are a recent or soon-to-be college graduate, Honda would like to give you $500 toward any new 2014 or 2015 model!* Take advantage of this program now and pick out your new car today, that way you’ll have plenty of time to do some exploring and go on adventures before making your mark in the corporate world.

Visit our site to browse all our new models and choose the one that’s best for you. Not ready for a new car just yet, but still want to explore? We’ve got a great selection of quality used and pre-owned vehicles at reasonable prices, take a look!

Whatever your decision and wherever life takes you, be sure to enjoy this time of ambiguity. As Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo once said, “Don’t always worry about what your next line is supposed to be and what you’re supposed to do next. There’s no script. Live your life. Be in this moment.”

Interested in Honda’s Offer? Here’s what you need to qualify:

  • Have graduated within the past two years or will graduate within the next six months with a master’s, bachelor’s or associate’s degree from a U.S.-accredited college or registered nursing school.
  • Meet HFS credit criteria and sign an HFS retail finance, Honda Leadership Leasing® or Honda Leadership Purchase Plan® (“balloon”) contract.
  • Provide your Honda dealer with a copy of a diploma or college transcripts as proof of graduation eligibility and all other documents required by HFS.
  • Bonus recipient must be listed on the HFS contract as the primary buyer.

From all of us at Honda of Ocala, congratulations graduates!

For more information on HFS requirements, please visit:

*Exclusions may apply.

10 Best Romantic Restaurant Rendezvous in Ocala, FL

If you are looking for just the right place to take your sweetheart out for a romantic rendezvous in Ocala, we’ve got you covered. From Asian fusion to traditional steaks and chops, there are a number of great restaurants in town serving up a variety of cuisines to satisfy just about anyone’s romantic appetite. To help you plan that special night out with your sweetheart, we’ve put together a list of the top 10 places to enjoy Valentine’s Day in Ocala.


  1. The Melting Pot, 10 S. Magnolia Ave. – It’s always fun to share something special together. So how about snuggling up and making some delicious cheese fondue or yummy chocolate confections? The Melting Pot offers darkened booths so you can steal an extra kiss without anyone noticing.
  2. Sky Asian Fusion, 3600 SW 38th Avenue – This aptly named Asian eatery is located on the top floor of the Holiday Inn, affording panoramic vistas of the area. The restaurant features an ample menu of delicious entrees that are perfect for sharing.
  3. Ipanema Brazilian Steakhouse, 2003 S. Pine Avenue – If you love a great cut of meat that is expertly prepared and uniquely served at tableside, than this popular upscale restaurant will make your heart sing. Don’t forget to try the delicious sugared pineapple.
  4. Arthur’s at the Hilton, 3600 SW 36th Avenue – If your romantic sentiments lean toward the elegant and sophisticated side, this classy and refined dining spot is what you’re after. White-linen tablecloths, attentive service, and an outstanding menu of traditional dinner fare exceptionally prepared will make it an unforgettable evening.
  5. la Cuisine French Restaurant, 38 SW First Avenue – French is the language of love and no one speaks it better than this wonderful and very popular restaurant located downtown. It gets booked up early, so be sure and call for availability.
  6. Ivy House Restaurant, 106 NW Main St., Williston – For a truly unique Valentine’s Day dining experience, this charming converted Victorian home in nearby Williston offers an elegantly cozy setting with a full menu of traditional Southern favorites. Reservations required.
  7. The Yearling, 14531 E. County Road 425, Cross Creek – If there’s a book lover in your family, they’ll appreciate the reference to Marjorie K. Rawlings’ Pulitzer Prize-winning novel of the same name. If you enjoy classic Cracker-style dining at its finest, this Florida Trend “Golden Spoon” winner won’t disappoint.
  8. Stumpknockers, State Road 200 along the Withlacoochee River in Dunnelton – don’t let the odd name fool you, this delightful restaurant next to a flowing river offers a special romantic ambiance all on its own. Serving a full menu of traditional American fare and seafood specialties.
  9. Brick City Restaurant, 2019 E. Silver Springs Blvd. – If you are hungry for love, then this is the place. Featuring a special Valentine’s Day buffet, this restaurant will satisfy your every desire.
  10. Blackwater Inn, 55716 Front St., Astor – A large floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the picturesque St. John’s River lends itself to a beautifully romantic setting, with a delicious menu to complement the view.

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12 Ways to Winterize Your Honda

We’re blessed with great weather practically all year round here in central Florida. The concept of “winterizing” your Honda may seem a bit unusual to us because temperatures rarely dip below freezing.  But sometimes the weather can get downright nasty. Rain, winds, and sun can take their toll on both the exterior and the interior of your Honda.

Winter is a good time to make sure your Honda is operating safely and properly. Here are our top 12 tips for Honda winter maintenance:Winter Auto Tips

  1. Keep your Honda clean – Regular washing helps remove bugs, grime, and other debris that can damage your Honda’s finish and make it hard to see out of your windshield. To help keep your Honda’s interior looking new, invest in genuine Honda floor mats, trunk mats, and bed liners. Use a spray-on protectant on interior surfaces to clean away dirt, dust, and to keep your vinyl and rubber, and plastic from fading or cracking.
  2. Have your battery checked – Our certified technicians here at Honda of Ocala can run a battery load check to make sure your battery is putting out the correct amps and to diagnose any problems before they leave you stranded by the side of the road.
  3. Change your wiper blades regularly – We deal with a lot of rain here in Ocala, so having properly working wiper blades is a must for clear visibility. Inspect your blades and look for cracks, frays, stiffness, or wear and replace if necessary. And keep your wiper fluid topped off with windshield washer fluid that’s designed to help remove bugs and eliminate streaking.
  4. Inspect your tires – Colder weather means slippery road conditions. Inspect your tires for uneven wear, cracks in the sidewall, or other issues that may require rotation, alignment, or replacement. And it’s also important to keep your tires properly inflated. It’s common to lose air pressure when the weather gets colder.
  5. Have your four-wheel or AWD serviced – Four-wheel and AWD can be a real lifesaver when the weather turns from sunny to soggy. Our trained technicians can make sure your Honda’s four-wheel drive systems are working correctly.
  6. Check your radiator’s coolant levels – Be sure to check this when your engine is cold, not hot! Use a coolant mixture that’s designed for your Honda. You can also purchase a simple tester, or have our technicians inspect your cooling system for any issues.
  7. Inspect hoses and belts for wear – Look for any signs of wear, such as frayed belts, cracks, or soft spots in hoses. Our Service Department can perform a visual inspection and let you know if your belts and hoses pass the test.
  8. Check your fluid levels – You can easily view the power steering and brake fluid levels through the plastic reservoirs without having to open the caps. If they are low, you can either fill them yourself, or have our service techs do it for you.
  9. Inspect and change your oil – Dirty oil or low oil levels can affect how your engine performs and lead to premature wear. Avoid this by checking your oil at least once a month and follow the recommended oil-change schedule that you’ll find in your Honda’s Service Manual. Take advantage of our full-service oil change for just $29.95.
  10. Have your brakes checked – Having properly working brakes is always a must, but especially in wet weather. Our certified technicians here at Honda of Ocala can make sure that your brakes are up to correct manufacturer specifications.
  11. Replace your air and cabin filters – A dirty air filter can rob your Honda’s engine of performance and decrease your gas mileage. A clean cabin filter will help remove dust, pollen, and other irritants.
  12. Make sure headlights and taillights are working – It’s easy to spot of you have a headlight that’s not working, but also remember to visually check for burned out tail light, brake light, and turn-signal bulbs.

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