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Learn About Southern Holiday Traditions From Honda of Ocala

The Southern way of celebrating the holidays is rich in tradition and folklore dating back generations. You may be surprised to know that the South began observing Christmas, adopting many European-influenced traditions we now consider typical, long before folks up north caught on to the idea. In fact, Christmas was made a legal holiday in Louisiana, Alabama, and Arkansas; three of the first states to do so. It wasn’t until 1870 that President Grant proclaimed Christmas as a national holiday.

You’ll find that many of the ways most Americans celebrate Christmas are rooted in the South. But there are other holiday practices exclusive to the South.

We here at your hometown Honda new car dealership near Ocala, FL, Honda of Ocala, thought it would be fun to share some of these interesting Southern Christmas traditions. We hope that you’ll get a better appreciation of the special way Southerners celebrate Christmas.



Magnolia Wreaths – Because the magnolia tree is an evergreen, as is the pine tree usually associated with Christmas, many Southerners still decorate their homes with beautiful wreaths made from magnolia.


One Candle In Each Window – This charming tradition comes to us from Irish settlers who use the candle to remember loved ones far away.


Gifts Of Citrus – It’s easy for us here in the Sunshine State, one of the world’s most prolific producers of citrus products, to forget that there was a time when citrus was very hard to obtain in many interior parts of the South. To get a bag of oranges or tangerines on Christmas Day was a real treat for many Southerners. To this day, folks will place an orange or two in a stocking and will use citrus in holiday decorations. Clove-studded oranges lend a fragrant scent to Southern holidays. Continue reading

Thanksgiving Made Easy: 10 Super-Simple Recipes

It’s time once again to savor the sights, sounds, and fragrant smells of Thanksgiving in Ocala, Florida. Whether you usually serve up a traditional Thanksgiving feast or like to be a bit adventurous, there are plenty of mouth-watering recipes that will help you prepare the perfect Thanksgiving dinner for friends and family.

You could spend a lot of time online searching through dozens of websites and thousands of Thanksgiving recipes. Or, you can let your friends here at your hometown Honda new car dealership in Ocala, Honda of Ocala, do the work for you.

We revved up our mice, put our keyboards into overdrive, and came up with a list of our top 10 Thanksgiving recipes that are super easy to prepare. From appetizers, side dishes, and desserts to the perfectly cooked Thanksgiving bird, we think you’ll find just the right recipes to make your Thanksgiving feast everything you want it to be. Bon Appetit!



  1. Triple Cranberry Sauce

Let this delicious and tangy cranberry sauce from Arlene Smulski of Lyons, Illinois puts some flavorful “zing” into your Thanksgiving meal. Get her recipe at Continue reading

Ocala Florida 2015 Holiday Events



The holidays are always a festive time of year here in Ocala, Florida. It’s a time of the year that we here at your hometown Ocala Honda dealership, Honda of Ocala, love. To help make your holiday event planning easier, we put together the following list of exciting holiday events and activities happening throughout Ocala and in Marion County.

Santa On The Square, 6:00 p.m. Dec 1 – 17

Join Santa and Mrs. Claus for a jolly old holiday time at Downtown Square! Kids will enjoy getting “up close and personal” with St. Nick and his playful elves.

Symphony Under The Lights, Dec. 4 at 7 p.m.

The Ocala Symphony Orchestra presents a delightful free holiday community concert under the stars at Citizen’s Circle featuring many of your favorite holiday music. Continue reading

10 Hot High-Tech Gift Ideas For 2015

If you have a tech-savvy person in your household, getting them the perfect Christmas present can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are a lot of choices out there; perhaps a little too many choices. So how do you narrow down your high-tech Christmas list this year?

Not to worry. At Honda of Ocala, your hometown Ocala, Florida Honda dealer, we pride ourselves on being tech experts because we sell some of the most technologically advanced cars on the road today. So it’s no surprise that our high-tech bloodhounds would come up with their list of favorite tech toys. These gadgets and gizmos are sure to be a hit with your nerdy nephew, crafty cousin, health-conscious spouse, or fanatical foodie.

  1. Cricut Explore – If you have someone who’s a hardcore crafter in your home, they’ll love this remarkable die-cutting wonder. The Cricut Explore works with a variety materials, including fabrics and paper. Hobbyists or scrapbookers will appreciate the Cricut’s versatility, allowing them to unleash their creativity.

cricut-explore Continue reading