5 Helpful Auto Financing Tips for College Students or Grads

You’re ready to go off to college. Everything’s in order. Financial aid is good to go. Your schedule and housing: decided and sorted. But you put off the toughest thing for last—how are you going to get around? You can only call up a ride-share so many times before it adds up, after all!


Don’t fret; getting an auto loan for a new or used vehicle isn’t as convoluted or out of reach as you might assume. Here are five simple ways you can go about getting a car loan, no matter your past or present financial limitations. So breathe, read on, and put your mind at ease.

  1. Already have a car? Trade it up.

    As a starting point, use our online tool to discover how much your trade-in is worth. Just enter your vehicle’s make and model, as well as its condition, and we’ll give you an accurate estimate as to its value. Any reputable used car dealership (ahem—that’s us!) will be straight with you on this value, and you can put that directly toward the down payment of your next new or used vehicle.

  2. Take advantage of specials. 

    Dealerships worth their salt always have some wiggle room on price. At Honda of Ocala, if you have graduated within the past two years or will graduate within the next six months with a master’s, bachelor’s or associate’s degree, you may qualify for $500 off the cap cost of any new or used car. That’s a hefty discount, especially for those college kids living with four roommates!

  3. Consult the dealership for pre-approval

    Dealerships are in the business of selling cars, so they’ll work with you to secure low-interest auto loans, even if you’ve got poor (or zero) credit. Many dealerships (ahem—also us!) allow you to get pre-approved for a car loan online and await a result. Simple as that!

  4. Figure out how much you can afford monthly for the foreseeable future

    As long as you’re careful and realistic about your ongoing finances, you’ll have no trouble getting help or coming up with a plan to own a vehicle. It’s (really!) as simple as typing “car payment calculator” into Google, which conveniently pops up a widget allowing you to do exactly that. For even more assistance in figuring out that payment sweet spot, just call our used car dealership and ask us how you can get the most affordable car financing rates available to you.

  5. Pick a vehicle that realistically matches your budget

    Solid dealerships will have a whole range of options available, from affordable used cars under $12k to the latest new makes and models. There’s no need to stretch beyond your means, especially considering that current late-model used vehicles are way more dependable than those from your parents’ era.Financing-Honda-of-Ocala-FL

Guaranteed Affordable Car Financing at Honda of Ocala

If you’ve got a degree or are about to swing your tassel to the left, these five simple auto financing tips should get you on your way toward car ownership. Contact Honda of Ocala at (352) 325-4193 to take advantage of our amazing car financing specials on any of our new Honda models or used vehicles for sale. We’re conveniently located in Ocala and offer these deals to students from all over Marion County, including the areas of Leesburg, The Villages, and beyond.



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