4 Must-Know Car Maintenance Tips for College Kids

Whether you’re sending your kid off to college for the very first time or are a student yourself, regular car maintenance should be near the top of your list of priorities. To help you or your college-aged drivers stay safe while on the road, read through our four incredible car maintenance tips below.


1) Lights

Headlights, tail lights, brake lights: These should be checked at least once a month. You’ll want to remove any film or haziness covering your lights with some simple cleaning solution (tip: try warm water, baking soda, and white vinegar) and a cloth to ensure the best visibility at night. Have a friend stand outside your car while you tap the brakes, and use your blinkers to make sure no bulbs are broken or burned out. If you notice any that aren’t working, replace them promptly, as this is a for-sure safety hazard.


2) Oil Change 

An oil change may seem like a car care no-brainer, but getting it done properly and routinely can make or break your car. After all, clean oil helps to filter out debris before it clogs the engine, which helps to prolong the life of your vehicle. It’s also important to keep up with oil changes every 5,000 miles—or 3 months, depending on how often you drive and how old your vehicle is. Changing your oil before heading out on a long journey is an easy way to ensure the smoothest and most fuel-efficient ride possible.

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3) Un-clutter & Clean

This might seem like a tip for simpletons, but a clean car is a happy car, and when you’re a college student, having space to transport your belongings is important. Vacuuming your seats and carpets reduces allergens, removes dirt and debris, and gives your cabin that new-car feeling. Wipe down surfaces, such as your steering wheel and shifter, to shine up leather and remove oils. Clear up the clutter and items from your back seat and trunk, so that you can have room for your books, school supplies, and moving boxes (you’ll need them, we promise).


4) Tires

Wheels are what keep your vehicle moving! Therefore, it’s important that they’re sufficiently inflated, lest you want your degree-bound kiddo to call and ask you to help them change a tire. If your vehicle doesn’t have a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TMPS), then make sure to take the time and check their air pressures, especially before seasons change. While you’re there, look for any signs of distress, like cracks or bumps, as these can be signs of a future flat tire or a defect. If you drive your car often, it’s a good idea to have a warranty on your tires; if they ever need to be replaced, you won’t drain your college/partying savings on a tire blowout before paying for tuition!

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