Baseball Spring Training – Florida’s Pastime

To many diehard baseball fans, Spring Training in Florida is the most exciting time of the year. Last year’s stats and standings don’t matter anymore. Every team is in first place (and last place). And, even as the voices on sports radio insist they know who’s going to win it all, no one knows how the season will play out.


During Spring Training, every team is trying to figure out its potential. Which prospects are the real deal and which will fizzle out against major league competition? Was last year’s phenom your next all-star or is he just trade-bait now? Whose fastball is losing velocity? Who needs to move to a new position?

As MLB’s Spring Training teams of the Grapefruit League kick the tires, it might be time for you to make some evaluations of your own. Is it time to trade in your car for something new, whether it be of the exciting or reliable variety?


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And unlike the teams battling the looming uncertainties in every Spring Training, you always know what you’re getting with a new or used Honda at our new Honda dealership: reliability, performance, and value.

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