Why Genuine Honda Parts Are The Right Choice

Your new Honda from Honda of Ocala is a significant investment. So it just makes sense to treat it right by using Genuine Honda Parts & Accessories that are specially made for your make and model of Honda.


Genuine Honda Quality

Also known as Original Equipment Manufacturer or “OEM,” Genuine Honda parts are exactly the same as the parts that originally came on your vehicle. It’s also true that “you get what you pay for.” It’s tempting to consider purchasing non-OEM or aftermarket parts from a third party, but you run the risk of getting a part that may be of inferior quality. It’s true that OEM parts cost more than parts you could obtain elsewhere. But when you buy a Genuine Honda part for your Honda, you’re assured that you’re getting the best quality part for your car because these parts are manufactured to the same exacting standards as every new Honda that comes off the assembly line.

The Honda Standard Of Quality

The fact is, your Honda is made up of literally thousands of parts and even the smallest of them must work flawlessly. Today’s Honda engines and transmissions, for example, are engineered to the most exacting tolerances. By purchasing a non-OEM part from a third-party, you may not get a part that’s made to the same high standards as the Genuine Honda parts we sell here at our Honda of Ocala Parts Department.

Honda provides auto parts manufacturers with meticulous instructions has to how to manufacture the various parts that go into today’s 2016 Hondas. When you insist on using only Genuine Honda OEM replacement parts, you know that you are getting parts that are literally “as good as new.” More importantly, Genuine Honda OEM parts are warrantied while some non-OEM parts may not be.

The Downside Of Aftermarket Parts

Some insurance companies prefer that you use aftermarket parts obtained from a third party because these parts simply cost less. You may even be asked to pay the difference between an OEM and an aftermarket part. This is a strong financial incentive to choose a potentially inferior third-party aftermarket part instead of a Genuine Honda OEM part. It’s up to you to weigh the potential downside of using aftermarket parts that may cause you additional repair headaches down the road. Do you pay a bit more for Genuine Honda parts upfront, or do you roll the dice with an aftermarket part and hope for the best?

Another point to consider is that your Honda may not ride, handle, or perform as it should when using non-OEM parts. You may not notice these changes right away, but over time using inferior aftermarket parts could degrade the enjoyment of driving your Honda.


The same argument can be used when considering using Genuine Honda Accessories. There are hundreds of aftermarket companies out there wanting to sell you everything from roof racks and custom exhaust kits to bug shields and car covers. To be sure, some less expensive and critical items, such as a car cover or wiper blades, are probably perfectly okay to use. But the thing to consider is that Genuine Honda Accessories are manufactured for your exact make and model Honda. That means they will fit and function correctly right from the start.

But when you’re looking at accessories such as tow bars and hitches, and optional wheel packages it is a wise idea to go with car accessories for sale in Ocala specifically engineered for your Honda. You should also have these items professionally installed by our factory-trained service technicians here at our Honda of Ocala Service Center.

Make The Right Choice At Honda Of Ocala


The bottom line? If you’re looking for Honda car parts in Marion County, your first choice should be to visit our two-time Honda President’s Award-Winning Ocala Honda dealership near The Villages, FL. Let us show you why choosing Genuine Honda Parts & Accessories is the right choice for your Honda.

Honda of Ocala is conveniently located at 1800 SW College Road, Ocala, FL 34471. To schedule a test drive, call 888-773-7091. For Service, call 888-689-0050.





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