Honda Pro Detailing Tips from Honda of Ocala

Your new Honda from your hometown Honda dealer in Ocala, FL, Honda of Ocala, is an important investment. Not only do you want to keep your Honda running like new by following all scheduled maintenance, you also want to keep your Honda looking showroom fresh for many miles down the road.

With a little elbow grease and some useful advice from top professional car detailers, we’ll show you how you can make your new Honda sparkle inside and out. A clean car also helps to maintain its value by protecting both the exterior paint and interior surfaces.



Sock It To Your Cup Holders – Cup holders can get pretty dirty accumulating all sorts of sticky stuff at the bottom. Here’s a neat trick: take an old sock over the bottom of a travel mug. Spray the sock with window cleaner or household cleaner and then twist it into the cup holder. That will get most of the gook out. Clean out the crevices using a barbecue skewer to remove any gunk. Use window cleaner and a microfiber cloth to finish it up.

Have A Blast (Of Compressed Air) – If you have a small air compressor, great. If not buy a couple of cans of compressed air (like the kind you would use to clean computer keyboards). Spray the compressed air into the car’s AC vents aiming for the rear of the vents where dust and debris build up. Spray along any nooks, crannies, door sills and along the edges of carpet where it tucks up under the plastic. Use the barbecue skewer to get to debris. Use a vacuum’s crevice tool to pick up the loose dirt.

Corner That Dirt – Cotton swabs and used makeup brushes are great for cleaning louvers and vents. Use the barbecue skewer or a soft-bristled toothbrush to get dirt out from under buttons, switches and even seams in the seats.

Use A Stiff Brush To Clean Floor Mats & Upholstery – Pull out your carpets and use a stiff brush to loosen dirt and debris. Follow this up with a foaming aerosol carpet/fabric cleaner. Let it dry and then vacuum off the excess. If you really want to go all in, rent a commercial carpet cleaner.

Love Your Leather – Use leather cleaner/conditioner on your leather seats, avoiding any harsh household cleaners which could strip the leather of its natural oils.

Avoid Ammonia-based Glass Cleaners – Use an ammonia-free glass cleaner to prevent any damage to plastic surfaces.



The Wheel Deal – Alloy wheels get covered with all sorts of brake dust, grime, tar, and dirt. But they are also prone to scratching. Some off-the-shelf cleaners use caustic chemicals that can ruin the wheel’s finish so be sure to read the label when purchasing a wheel cleaner. Even dish soap can be too harsh. Use a sponge to clean the wheels and follow up with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Rinse with clean water. Use a tire shine gel instead of the spray-on kind. It will keep your tires shining a lot longer. Wait until the wheels dry before driving.

Hand Wash Your Car In The Shade – Avoid direct sunlight when cleaning your car as when the water evaporates it will leave minerals and dirt on the surface. Use a rubber or silicon squeegee or a soft chamois to quickly dry the car’s surfaces.

Use The Right Stuff – A lamb’s wool car mitt is the preferred choice to wash your car as it will not scratch the surface. Use two buckets, one for soapy water and the other for clean water. Once the car is dry use a clay bar specifically made for cars and liquid cleaner wax. Lubricate small areas of the car’s surface with the liquid cleaner wax and then pull the clay bar in one direction along the surface using smooth strokes. It’s important to keep the surface lubricated to avoid scratching. Dispose of the clay bar if it falls on the ground and use a new one.

Now run your hand along the surface and feel for any rough spots. Repeat the above process until the surface is smooth to the touch.

Polish & Wax – First, apply a car polish followed by a wax that protects the car’s paint. Polishes contain a mild abrasive designed to remove swirls and scratches but can damage the car’s paint if not used carefully. Professional detailers use an oscillating or random orbital polisher. Mask off the rubber molding and trim pieces. Put an applicator pad on the polisher and put polisher on it. Use a low speed and go over small areas at a time with a smooth back and forth motion in a “crosshatch” pattern until the polish is evenly distributed. Wipe clean with a microfiber cloth and move on to the next section. You won’t need to wax the car separately if you use a combination one-step polish/wax.

You can apply the wax by hand or by using the oscillating polisher. Apply the wax to a fresh applicator pad and put the polisher on low. Then use straight strokes and light pressure to evenly distribute the wax followed by cleaning it with a microfiber cloth. You can use a liquid spray-on wax or go “old school” and use a paste wax. Both will do the trick. Use two coats of wax for maximum protection; however more than two coats will just wipe off when buffed.

A Glass Act – Clean the glass last because it will get grime and dirt from the previous steps. Use a non-ammonia glass cleaner and buff with a clean microfiber cloth. Pros use the back of the hand to reach hard-to-get rear windows. Roll the side windows down a tad and clean the top edges.

It took a lot of work but it was well worth it. Step back and admire how beautifully your newly detailed Honda looks. Feels good, doesn’t it?

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