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4 Essential Products to Splurge on for College Students

Going to college is a monumental step in a young person’s life. It is not a transition to take lightly, and it is best to go in prepared. By now you know all of the basic school supplies you need (notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, etc.), but to truly be prepared for full-time college life you might need to spend some money on some less obvious school supplies.

For that reason, we here at Honda of Gainesville have created this list of important, less obvious back to school essentials that will help make your college experience as positive as possible.

Durable Backpack


Often overlooked is the school supplies checklist, the backpack is by far the most versatile and often used tool in any college student’s arsenal. Whether you are carrying books to class, a laptop to the library, clothes for a weekend trip to an away game, or party favors to the fraternity houses, your backpack is constantly in use. For this reason, it is best not to skimp on a cheap, flimsy backpack. Continue reading