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The Essential Car Spring Cleaning Checklist for Floridians


Like your home, your car also needs love during the season’s change. Even though Naples doesn’t see the same winter weather and temperatures as other areas in the country, that doesn’t mean your car hasn’t had to endure some harsh conditions over the last few months. To get your vehicle (and yourself) ready for another season of beach visits, road trips, and day-to-day commutes, follow this helpful car spring cleaning checklist.Spring-Cleaning

Step 1: De-clutter

No one likes living in a pigsty, so why would anyone enjoy driving in one? Before you start getting elbow-deep with your spring cleaning tasks, make sure to run through this first step—it’ll only help you get through the entire car-cleaning process.

  • Grab a plastic bag and start tossing trash. Don’t forget under the seats! Who knows what types of filth might lay dormant there.
  • Remove all unnecessary items, such as your car charger, air fresheners, pens, etc. Don’t worry—you’ll have the chance to put them back when all’s said and done.
  • Unlatch and pull out the car’s floor mats. You’ll treat them to a good scrubbing a bit later.
  • If you’re like many of us around Naples, your car’s trunk might act as a mobile beach-towel storage center. That means loads of sand. Clear the trunk out and prep it for a good vacuuming.DIY-Auto-Detailing-Interior

Step 2: DIY Auto Detailing (Interior)

Now that your car has been cleared out, it’s time to clean. You’ll need a vacuum, bristle brush, warm water, dish soap, paper towels or microfiber cloths, all-purpose cleaner, and glass cleaner. You might also find it helpful to have some cleaning gloves, a Shop-Vac, newspaper, old toothbrushes, and canned air.

  • With your bristle brush, a small drop of dish soap, and warm water, scrub your car mats clean. Leave them to dry naturally in the Florida sun.
  • If you’ve opted to use canned air, spray the vents and other nooks and crannies clear of dust, dirt, and debris.
  • Vacuum till every molecule of Ft. Myers sand is vanquished. Move back into the trunk and do the same.
  • Spray all-purpose cleaner in cup holders and storage compartments. Wipe them up with paper towels or cloths. Caked-on messes might require you to break out the toothbrush.
  • Spritz some glass cleaner on the windows and rearview mirror, then wipe clear. For a streak-free clean, use newspaper to wipe down the glass.
  • Avoid using the same cleaning sprays on leather and porous plastic; instead, use a specialty cleaning agent for dashboards and steering wheels to avoid slippery surfaces and potential cracks.Car-Wash-By-Hand

Step 3: Car Wash by Hand

Although it’s probably more convenient to run through the automatic car wash down the road, doing it by hand is much better for your car—and it can be fun, too. Move the car out of the sun and preferably in the grass to reduce chemical runoff. Grab a few clean sponges, hose, microfiber cloths, two buckets of water, and suds. You can also utilize a pressure washer if your car needs a heavy dose of spring cleaning.

  • Using a hose (or a pressure washer), spray the undercarriage, tires, and wheel wells. You can also spray off dead bugs and the like from the fender—just be sure to put the pressure washer on a low setting to avoid damage.
  • Wash the car starting with one side at a time. Use clean water to wash and wring out sponges in the dirty water. Leave the wheels for last, then rinse everything one final time.
  • Don’t air dry! Use those soft cloths to dry the car and avoid water spots from forming.Waxing-High-Fives

Step 4: Waxing & High Fives

The final step should garner a self-pat on the back. Grab some tire polish, new windshield wipers, and wax. As a proud Lexus owner, you’ll also probably want a high-end wax. We highly recommend carnauba waxes over standard car paint sealants. So pick up your favorite, or visit our Lexus dealership in Naples, FL, for assistance.

  • Now that your tires are clean apply some polish to give them that loving shine and glimmer.
  • Spring means loads of rain here in Naples, which also means that you should swap out the old windshield wipers with new ones. Safety
  • Apply your wax in equal amounts. One application should do it, at least until next season.
  • Once your car mats are dry, re-latch them in place. If you need a new set of all-season mats for your Lexus, call Germain Lexus of Naples to order an accessory.
  • Feel free to send those daily-use items back into the cabin and trunk.

There you have it: A breakdown of all the essential spring cleaning tasks you should perform to get your Lexus prepped for another season. If these car cleaning tips aren’t cutting it, visit our Naples dealers to view our entire lineup of new Lexus models and certified pre-owned vehicles. If you’re ready to really spice up your spring, be sure to check the Lexus LC 500. With a supremely powerful 5.0L V8 under its hood, the LC 500 is a luxury coupe that is guaranteed to put a smile on any driver’s face. And there’s also a Lexus LC 500H hybrid model!



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