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10 Necessary Items to Keep in Your Roadside Safety Kit


You can’t prevent unexpected car maintenance problems from happening, but you can prepare for them. Sometimes regular oil changes, tire pressure checks, and scheduled inspections aren’t enough to avoid everything. Therefore, it’s best to formulate a plan for roadside problems. No worries, Germain Lexus of Naples prepared a roadside safety kit so you can drive confidently!

  1. First Aid Kit

Safety comes first! Storing a first aid kit in your glove box can heal a small injury or in extreme situations, save a life. Storing an array of Band-Aids, including gauze pads and adhesive tape as well as aspirin, antiseptic wipes, and antiseptic ointment provides relief.

Jumper Cables

2) Jumper Cables

Keep jumper cables in your car to remain prepared if your ignition doesn’t immediately start after you have tried several times.

3) Ice Scraper & Snow Shovel

Winter is coming, so it’s best to keep an ice scraper and snow shovel in your trunk. Storing an ice scraper makes it possible to remove your windshield of all snow and ice. Meanwhile, a snow shovel makes it possible to navigate out of a parking space by clearing snow around your car.

Reflective Triangles

4) Reflective Triangles

Storing three reflective triangles makes it possible to warn oncoming traffic of a vehicle break down. Reflective triangles are especially useful in the dark. Place them 200m before the accident on either side of the road where they’re visible to other drivers.

5) Blanket

Keeping a blanket in your car makes waiting for roadside assistance bearable during cold weather conditions. You can also use it when it’s raining and to sit on while waiting for roadside assistance or while at the park.

6) Flashlight

Having a flashlight at night makes unexpected car problems a bit easier. Use it to safely wait for roadside assistance in the dark, look under the hood, or change a tire. You’ll also have a lighted path while walking or getting the attention of oncoming cars.

7) Water Bottles

Having access to water at all times is essential for your well-being. Water is crucial since our bodies are made up of 60% water. Drinking water keeps you hydrated while waiting for help.

8) Printed Map

Most people rely on their Smartphone to arrive at their destination. However, keeping an old school map in the glove box is a wise backup plan if your phone battery were to die unexpectedly.

9) Spare Tire

Keeping a spare tire in your trunk saves the day if you get stranded on the side of the road. Remember, the spare tire in your trunk is a temporary tire. Only use it to arrive at your next destination. If you’re forced to use the spare tire, get to the mechanic’s shop as soon as possible. They’ll replace it with a real tire. Questions about your vehicle’s tires? Contact our Lexus Tire Center, now.

10) Jacket or Coat

Keeping a jacket or coat in your trunk will keep you warm if sudden temperature changes were to occur. You’ll be comfortable while waiting outside your car for help.

Safety Comes First at Germain Lexus of Naples

Germain Lexus of Naples cares about your safety. Our service department is your one stop shop for all vehicle maintenance concerns. We’ll have you back on the road in no time! Visit us today at 13491 N. Tamiami Trail  Naples FL, 34110 US or give our service department a call at 866-767-4916.



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