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Our 15 Favorite New Honda Videos & Commercials [WATCH]


With each year comes new Honda commercials, ads, and promo videos. Some are incredibly funny, endearing, or lighthearted; some may not speak to everyone. But most do a great job extolling the virtues of driving a Honda vehicle. In this list you’ll find some of our favorite Honda videos from the last few years.

Totally Square

What’s the best way to describe this surreal ad? Our favorite YouTube comment says it best: “I didn’t wanna sleep tonight anyway.” Don’t adjust your monitor when watching this video for the 2016 Honda Civic Coupe.

Watch this Commercial Right Meow

A Honda commercial that spoofs a different Honda commercial? This video from one of our dealership brothers up north purrfectly combines our society’s love for cats and the Honda brand. The only thing missing is a beatboxing kitty.

A Fairy Tale in the 2017 Accord Hybrid

Kids are imaginative, which makes them the ideal spokespeople for the new 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid. Offering incredible performance and a stylish exterior, the Accord will have you living happily ever after in your own fairy tale.

A Humorous Cut on Safe Driving

Like the Honda brand itself, we’re also sticklers for safety. That’s why this video is on our list. If you wouldn’t text and cut your child’s hair, why would you text and drive? Stay safe on the road by avoiding your phone’s next vibrate.

You Spin Me Right Round

What’s the most unique way to gaze upon the redesigned 2016 Honda Civic (other than visiting our Naples Honda dealership)? Grab your mobile phone, download a VR app, and behold the spectacle that is 360-degree video! Click these links to discover VR apps for Google and iOS phones.

A Truck to Love

A lot of commercials from the Big Game were pretty baaad, but this Honda ad featuring the new Ridgeline, a talking dog, and one of Queen’s most beloved anthems was anything but. To top it off, the video encapsulates exactly what Honda’s newest truck is; as a shepherd to its herd, the 2016 Ridgeline is the leader of its pack.

Adventure is in the Eye of the Beholder

The “Honda Knows” ad campaign hit the airwaves hard this summer, and our favorite was this whimsical-yet-practical video. Just because Honda SUVs are primed for an adventure doesn’t mean they must always be pushing the limits.

This Mascot Really Sucks

In 2015 the world was introduced to this hilarious Honda commercial, which showed off the Honda Odyssey’s built-in vacuum. It’s as much a game-changer now as it was two years ago, and should continue to excite parents for years to come. (Also, the French fry totally got hosed in that race.)

The Honda Pilot is…

This commercial for last year’s acclaimed Honda Pilot SUV is fun, funny, and includes a talking canine. What more could you want in an ad, let alone life? Now we know who’s giving Border Collies acting gigs in the biz: Honda.

Respect the Van

We’re breaking the rules by adding an older video to this list, but it makes sense considering the Honda Odyssey has been a rule-breaking minivan for over twenty years! *Note: We don’t recommend recreating any stunts depicted in this commercial, with the exception of driving through cardboard boxes in an alleyway. That’s pretty cool.

A Hand-Drawn Journey Through Time

For over six decades Honda has been on the cutting edge of innovation, so it’s no surprise that this animated video was conceived out of pure imagination and executed to perfection. It just goes to show that even the smallest collection of creative minds can work wonders.

Keeping Your Honda Special

As one of the area’s premier Honda Dealerships, we are proud to help keep your Honda as special as the day you bought it. Although our service center doesn’t have a seemingly infinite amount of space as this ad would imply, we do offer professional repairs, genuine Honda parts, and much more to continually keep your Honda a Honda.

The Honda Fit is a Great Fit for All

From centaurs to MMA fighters to potential criminals, everyone and anyone will find space inside the Honda Fit. With foldable rear seats and a reclining front passenger seat, the Honda Fit epitomizes versatility, flexibility, adaptability, and most any other -ility word you can think of.

Project Drive-In

Modern technology gave us mobile phones, the internet, and improved vehicle safety features (like Honda Sensing); it’s also left some people behind. Sponsored by Honda in 2013, the Project Drive-In movement sought to keep the country’s 300-plus drive-in theaters alive by raising funds for new digital projectors. American traditions change, but should they?

…And the Results

Tears. Laughter. Applause. It’s not your typical heartwarming story, but this video should still put a smile on your face.

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