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2017 Honda Accord vs. Toyota Camry: Winner Takes All


Across the board, the 2017 Honda Accord cannot be ignored. Available in five trims (the base LX, Sport, Sport SE, EX, and EX-L) and as a two-door coupe, it remains Honda’s most polished package thanks to impressive fuel-efficiency numbers, a spacious interior, and incomparable ride quality. Still, everyone has their rivals, and the Accord is no different.

2017 Honda Accord vs. Toyota Camry

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Inarguably the most-sold midsize sedan on the market, the Toyota Camry has been looking down on the rest in its segment for years. But the times are a-changin’, and with the 2017 Accord, Honda is setting their sights on number-one.

Who will win? Let’s compare the 2017 Accord and Camry to find out, once and for all, which mid-size sedan is the vehicle to purchase when shopping for a new car in Naples, FL, or beyond.

Engine & Fuel Economy

Right to the meat of this Accord vs. Camry comparison: The engine.

The 2017 Accord LX is fitted with a 2.4-liter four-cylinder CVT engine that produces 185 horsepower. As one of the best CVTs on the market, Honda’s engine delivers a punch without a halt, shake, or quiver reverberating into the cabin or accelerator. It responds with a smooth gracefulness when passing on the highway and drops down just as effortlessly to cruising RPMs.

Taking cues from the road surface, the Accord’s electric power steering inspires confidence, which is solid praise considering most vehicles with such a system perform inadequately at best. With an EPA-estimated return of 31 mpg combined, the Accord is also one of the greenest midsize sedans void of any “hybrid” branding (though the 2017 Accord Hybrid is available at Germain Honda of Naples).

Inside the 2017 Camry LE, you’ll find a 2.5-liter four-cylinder that pops out 178 horsepower, just a few ponies under the Accord. Similar as the numbers may appear on paper and despite Toyota’s efforts to boost the car’s driving dynamics, the Camry lacks the same get-up-and-go enthusiasm with which the Honda Accord overflows. The Camry doesn’t invigorate your driving sensibilities, nor does it offer ride quality that’ll motivate drivers to hit the open road.

In their review of the Camry, Car and Driver writes that driving the car is as much fun as “a Sunday-afternoon nap spent ‘watching’ the middle laps of a NASCAR superspeedway race,” while also adding that its engine is “uninspiring and strains to move the Camry at a competitive pace.” And with an EPA-rated 27 combined mpg, the Camry is playing catch-up to the Accord in fuel economy.

In all aspects of engine power, performance, and fuel economy, the 2017 Honda Accord is a behemoth when compared to the Camry—and it’s not even that close.

Which Sedan has Better Roominess & Features?

Although SUVs have become America’s darlings, midsize cars like the 2017 Accord and Camry have been hot on their heels. No longer the crossover’s polar-opposite, sedans have once again nudged themselves into the hearts of families across the country thanks to clever interior designs. But between the new Accord and Camry, only one stands out as this year’s knee-friendly winner.

Seated inside the new Accord, drivers and passengers will feel a level of spaciousness unique to Honda’s flagship sedan. It offers a generous 39.1 inches of headroom and 42.5 inches of leg room, which bests the Camry’s 38.8- and 41.6-inch specs. The driver’s seat offers a pleasant upright positioning that borders on relaxing while also allowing for easy entry. The instrument panel is situated deep and low on the dash, which, when mated with the Accord’s ample windows, improves road visibility and produces a first-class, in-flight atmosphere from within the cabin. Road noise is limited and much improved from model years past, as well.

2017 Honda Accord Interior


In the rear, passengers won’t feel relegated to knocking knees with fellow passengers thanks to incredible amounts of leg and hip room—some of the best in its class, actually—and a comfy cushion that makes even the longest road trip from Fort Myers to Fort Worth manageable. With 15.8 cubic feet of trunk space and a newly flat cargo floor, those road trips are made even simpler. When compared to the 15.4 cubic feet in the Camry, the Accord’s trunk could be the difference between bringing along the high-end stroller or the flimsy hand-me-down on your next zoo adventure.

Rich in features but not in price, the Accord offers some of the best cabin refinement in any mid-size vehicle, Camry included. Designed with the driver in mind, the 2017 Accord LX is tightly built, with elements like slim 7.7-inch infotainment displays and dual-zone climate controls as standard game-changers. Even materials inside the Accord seem to be fit for kings and make you question if the midsize segment might be encroaching on the luxury sedan’s market. With a high-quality look and feel, seats in the base Accord LX don’t reflect their cloth-like appearance but rather embrace opulence that only the twenty-first century could produce. It’s apparent that Honda engineers crafted the newest Accord from the inside out.

For most owners, the 2017 Camry may merely be a road appliance that meets their needs. Although it’s America’s best-selling midsize last year, is simply a less interesting option when compared to the Accord. Its base model LE offers less front driver and passenger volume, and interior materials leave much to be desired. Its seats, while not the root cause of lower-back pangs, are certainly not as supportive as most drivers would like, and spaciousness is average at best. Priced comparably to the Accord, the Camry is no match for Honda’s king of interiors.

Front-to-Back Stylishness Award

While it’s true that neither the Honda Accord nor the Toyota Camry will turn heads like a sporty convertible, they’ve certainly been at the top of their games within the mid-size segment. Over the years, both sedans have offered practicality in handsome packages, but it’s the Honda Accord that continues that into 2017. Remaining consistent with what consumers expect in its brand, this year’s Accord boasts front-to-back sophistication while never being too flashy—it’s this understanding that elegance comes in many packages that makes the newest Accord recognizable from the very moment the car’s headlights are within sight.

If first impressions are as important as the adage says, the 2017 Camry might have a difficult time making its mark on the world. Many have been critical of the Toyota Camry not just for its less-than-adventurous, reserved appearance, but also because of its polarizing front-end design. More catfish than sedan, the Camry looks more apt to the skim shallow ocean floors of Florida than ride the turns around Cape Coral. And its glossed-over rear windows don’t improve matters.

The Accord is heads-and-toes above the Camry when it comes to appearance.

The Final Verdict

The undisputed champ of this Accord vs. Camry fight should be no surprise. With incredible fuel-efficiency numbers, a snappier engine, and a plethora of interior and exterior features, the 2017 Honda Accord is without a doubt a better drive than the Camry. It’s as much a family sedan as ever before, impressively balancing spaciousness with handling, and its five-star overall and Top Safety Pick+ ratings with the NHTSA and IIHS should inspire confidence in any parents. The 2017 Accord is perhaps Honda at its finest—which is saying a lot considering it has topped the Car and Driver’s 10Best list thirty times!—and our favorite sedan in our lineup at Germain Honda of Naples.

As a premier Honda dealership in Naples, FL, we’re no stranger to helping customers find the very best prices on new Honda models. For money-saving Honda deals on our newest 2017 Accords or any new or pre-owned vehicles, contact our new and used car dealers at (877) 813-2502. Stop by our showroom to take a test drive today! We serve the entire Naples, FL, region, including the nearby areas of Ft. Myers, Estero, and Cape Coral.



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