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A Dozen Ways to Pamper Your Honda on Valentine’s Day


Your special sweetheart: She’s sexy, has great style, gets your heart racing, and prefers an oil change to chocolates. She loves it when you drive her out to dinner, as long as she gets to flirt with the valet parking attendant. Even though she’s not the jealous type, she does insist that you keep your eyes on the road at all times. (Hey! Quit looking at that roadster in the next lane. She’s not your type.)


Let’s not kid ourselves. You fell in love with her the moment you set foot in our showroom. Her sleek, curvaceous lines, heated leather seats, powerful V6 engine, Wi Fi connectivity, and standard backup camera (new for 2015) proved to be irresistible.

We know. We love her too. After all, she’s a Honda. What more can you ask for?

So why not pamper your Honda this Valentine’s Day?  Instead of a dozen roses, dinner, and a movie (save those for the other love of your life), we’ve come up with 12 ways that you can show your Honda some real affection. They’re guaranteed to keep your high-octane relationship with her revved up and in gear as the two of you motor down the highway of love:

  1. Give your Honda a bubble bath – There’s nothing better than a fresh scrub to make your girl feel special. A good professional detailing will not only make your Honda look new, it will protect its finish by getting rid of all that nasty grime, bugs, and dirt.
  2. Buy her two new pairs of shoes – Well actually tires, to be exact. If your Honda’s tires are showing signs of wear and tear, a new set will improve handling, ride stability, performance, and save gas. Not to mention she’ll love how they look on her.
  3. Give your interior a makeover – It’s amazing how the little things can give your Honda’s interior a fresh new look. A new set of floor mats, some vinyl protectant, or a nifty steering wheel cover can make all the difference. (Note: we do NOT recommend those big fuzzy dice hanging from the rearview mirror. She’ll hate ‘em.)
  4. Ladies love some new perfume – Love is in the air…uh…freshener, that is. A fresh new scent will make her smell as sensational as the day you bought her. Who can resist that new car smell, after all?
  5. Drive to a new beat – Your new Honda already comes with a great sound system that you can control right from your steering wheel. But maybe it’s time to change up your playlist with some sexy new songs. (Go ahead and crank the volume up on some classic Sinatra. She’ll swoon, we bet.)
  6. Take it easy on her – A gentle new attitude will have her motor purring. So back off on the accelerator and lighten up on the brakes. Remember: She’s a refined and sophisticated lady who doesn’t appreciate being treated rough.
  7. Clear things up – Your Honda’s windshield is the window to her soul. Check your wipers for wear and streaking. A new set of blades will clear up what’s down the road so you’ll be seeing all the love with renewed clarity.
  8. Illuminate your love – Your Honda is the light of your life, right? But over time, environmental factors will cause your headlight lenses to become cloudy, resulting in decreased nighttime visibility. An off-the-shelf headlight restoration kit can restore their lost luster. Take your Honda in to our Service Department here at Germain Honda of Naples where we can return your headlights to like-new condition. Now that’s a bright idea!
  9. Fill her up with love – Your Honda’s fluid levels are essential to her well-being. So get under the hood and inspect those clear brake and power-steering reservoirs for low fluid levels. Add fluids from a fresh, unopened container to avoid contamination. And while you’re at it, examine your belts and hoses for wear as well. We can also do this for you, if you don’t mind someone else getting “up close and personal” with your favorite, four-wheeled gal.
  10. Restore that lovin’ feeling – If your Honda is starting to lose that lovin’ feeling, get the magic back with a tune-up and an oil change. Routine maintenance as spelled out in your Honda’s owner’s manual will help increase fuel economy, boost performance, and decrease engine wear. Our Honda-certified technicians here at Germain Honda of Naples can ensure that you and your Honda will be together for the long haul.
  11. Inflate your affection – It’s a good idea to check your tire pressure at least once a month. If your Honda is equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system, you’ll see a light illuminate on your dash telling you that one or more of your tires need some air. And don’t let your love go flat. Promptly repair any nails, leaks, or other road damage before they cause a blowout and really deflate your relationship.
  12. Smother it with love – If your Honda spends a lot of time outdoors instead of in your garage, protect it with a custom Honda car cover from Germain Honda of Naples. It’s a lot less expensive than buying your Honda a mink coat. (Note: no furry creatures were harmed in the writing of this blog.)

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Happy Valentine’s Day!


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