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Back-to-School Car Organization Tips for Busy Parents


Uh-oh—it’s almost time for the kiddos to head back to school in Dayton, OH. If you’re like many parents, one of your biggest challenges heading into the school season is keeping your car organized. Doesn’t it seem like you’re cramming more materials into the back of your car every school year? Other than visiting our local Honda dealership near Dayton to find a spacious new Honda or used car, what can you do to get your family into back-to-school shape? Follow these great organization tips to ensure that your vehicle is packed with everything you and the kids need before the morning school bell rings.


  1. Color-code the kids’ stuff.Instead of tossing random, often identical bags into the back of your car and hoping that bagged lunches find their way to the right kids, color-code everything! Assign each child a color and backpack, then put all their color-coded gear inside. This is also a great tactic for keeping up with folders, notebooks, backpacks, sports equipment, and all the little pieces that get scattered across your house and car during the school year. With assigned colors, it’s easy to tell exactly which item belongs to which child.
  2. Put bookbags back in the car.After the kids are finished with their homework, have them pack up their backpack and put it—along with any extras—straight in the car. This will prevent that early-morning panic from setting in when nothing is in its place and you’re not sure how you’re going to get everything done in time.
  3. Stick a bag of extras in the pocket behind the seat.Take advantage of the storage available in our spacious Honda models to make sure you’ve got all those little items your kids may forget to bring with them. Hair ties, a hairbrush, extra pens and pencils, and a granola bar or two can be lifesavers on those busy mornings when your child looks at you with wide, terrified eyes and says, “I forgot…”
  4. Keep spare outfits in the car.When you’re running from place to place after school, there’s not always time for a quick wardrobe change. Unfortunately, accidents happen at school, whether it’s a spilled lunch or tumble in the dirt. Keep an extra outfit for each child tucked into a bag in your trunk or in a convenient storage compartment. Then, when your child has managed to transform into Pigpen in a span of just a few hours, you’re ready for it!


  1. Pack a cooler the night before.The Honda Odyssey now comes equipped with a cooler that you can pack with a couple of water bottles and a few healthy snacks for the whole family. Whether you’re picking up a ravenous crowd from school or heading straight from school to soccer practice or dance class, you can make sure they have enough nutrition and h20 to excel.

Take the time to pack your cooler full before you head to bed the evening before, perhaps even while you’re packing lunches for the next day. Taking full advantage of your cooler will save you both time and money since you won’t have to stop off at the drive-through on your way to every activity. If you aren’t lucky enough to be driving a new-model Odyssey—you should really check out the Odyssey at our Beavercreek Honda dealer—tucking a cooler between the seats or in the back of your vehicle can serve the same purpose.


Prep for Back-to-School Season at Our Beavercreek Honda Dealer

When you’re always on the go, your car turns into your mobile command center—and you need a vehicle that’s up to that challenge. From back-to-school trips to long work commutes, a new or used Honda can be the four-wheeled hero you and your family needs and deserves.

Browse our current selection of family-friendly new Hondas for sale, and you’ll find that organizing is a piece of cake! In addition to our inventory of new Hondas, we also offer a variety of auto repair services and many used cars for sale near Dayton to help you get ready for the upcoming August chaos. Contact Germain Honda of Beavercreek at (937) 426-9564 to learn how our dealers can help you get prepared for the school year. Our Honda dealer is located at 2300 Heller Dr., just a short drive from Dayton, OH.



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