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5 Summer Maintenance & Car Care Tips for Your Honda Civic


The summer can be tough on a vehicle. With the Ohio humidity, blistering sun, and extra mileage you’ll undoubtedly be tacking on the odometer, it’s important to give your vehicle some extra TLC this season. And if you’re a Honda Civic owner, you can reduce wear on your beloved sedan or coupe by performing proper maintenance and installing some nifty Honda accessories. Follow these tips to keep your Civic going strong all summer long!


  1. Perform an oil change

Planning a few road trips? To prevent any problems on the highway—or worse yet, on the scary dirt road to nowhereville—be sure to get your oil changed. Keep in mind that road trips pile on the miles, so you may need to change your oil and filter sooner than you think. Most newer Civics can go about 7,500 miles between oil changes, but always check your vehicle’s manual.

  1. Replace your wipers

Driving in the rain is never easy, but driving in the rain with bad wipers is almost impossible. By replacing your wipers, you can improve your visibility in the rain. Need help finding the right size wiper blades? Check here. They’re even simple to install by yourself (but our service center would be happy to help, as well)!


  1. Get a roof rack installed

You may plan on hauling a kayak, canoe, or bikes to your favorite lakes and trails this summer. But without a roof rack, who knows the type of damage that your Honda’s roof will endure? Instead, have our Beavercreek Honda dealership install a Honda rack, and you can keep the roof free from scratches and scuffs this summer and beyond. Although Civics don’t come with optional roof racks, most of our larger Honda models do!

  1. Keep the bugs off your Civic

Dead bugs are more than just an eyesore—they can also damage your car’s paint. Their “bug juice” is corrosive and eat away at the paint if left too long. To prevent damage, you should wash your car regularly and remove their tiny lifeless bodies with a good cleaner. If the summer bugs are a big problem, you can also visit our Honda dealers and ask them to install a bug deflector for your Civic.


  1. Get an AC recharge

An AC recharge is as much for the maintenance of your vehicle as it is for keeping you cool. Take your Civic into our Honda service shop and get your air conditioning serviced and into like-new condition. It’s a simple process but can help your AC run more efficiently.

Take the Next Step & Upgrade to a New Civic


If your car is beyond fixable with a heavy dose of maintenance, or if you’re just ready for an upgrade, check out our new Civics and other certified pre-owned Hondas for sale. We guarantee that you’ll find just what you need to make the most of your summer. Contact us at (937) 426-9564 for a great new deal today on a Civic or any of our new Hondas or used cars on sale! We serve the entire Beavercreek area, including Greene County and Dayton, OH.




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