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Spring Cleaning Tips to Clean Out Your Garage


Although cleaning out the garage is technically a chore, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be fun. As long as you get the job done in a timely and efficient manner, cleaning out the garage can be an enjoyable springtime family event. Just follow this simple three-step process to get organized in time for warmer weather.


Step One: Take it all out

This is the most physically demanding step of the process; before you can clean anything, you have to remove all of the items from your garage. Put them in your driveway while you clean, so you have plenty of space to work.

Step Two: Sort it all out

While your things are out in the driveway, take advantage of the opportunity to go through them. Make three piles: keep, throw away, and donate. Downsizing can free up tons of clutter, and make next year’s spring-cleaning tasks easier to complete.

Step Three: Rinse it all out

Put your hose on the “jet” setting and spray your garage, sweeping out excess water, leaves, and dirt in the process. As an bonus, you can spray off and clean any objects that you wish to keep or give away, including sports equipment, tarps, and winter gear.

Once you’ve completed these three simple steps and allowed your garage and items to dry, all you need to do is put the things that you are keeping back and enjoy your new clean space!

Introduce a 2017 Odyssey to Your Clean Garage


The only thing better than a squeaky clean garage is a shiny new minivan to put in it. Introducing the 2017 Honda Odyssey, a versatile van that is a perfect addition to any garage. With seating for up to eight people, great fuel economy, and a built-in DVD entertainment system, it’s one of the country’s favorite vehicles. Its size makes it an excellent choice for families who go on regular vacations, travel to Reds games and school pageants, while its HondaVAC system keeps your car mess-free. To top it all off, the minivan comes equipped with an eight-inch display screen that includes a satellite-based navigation system—oh, what a time to live!

If you’re ready to add a 2017 Honda Odyssey or another new Honda or used car to your freshly cleaned garage, contact Germain Honda of Beavercreek to test drive, lease or purchase your new vehicle. Our headquarters is in Beavercreek, OH at 2300 Heller Dr. 45434, but we serve the entire region, including Dayton and Kettering.



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