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Plans to Revamp Cadillac Could Increase Luxury Market

plans to revamp Cadillac lineup

Cadillac is fighting hot and heavy to try and regain its spot back on top of the auto industry. Earlier in the year, GM revealed plans to revamp Cadillac and how it functions as a brand. This includes broadening the line of cars that the brand produces in order to help GM become more profitable. Luxury cars only make up 10% of cars sales internationally, but with their premium prices, they account for up to $50 of total profits in the entire car market. This means it is safe to say that, in the next five years, we can expect to see the luxury model range double.

The anticipated car designs from Cadillac have the goal of being able to match up to rival luxury brands, such as BMW, Mercedes, and Buick. “That includes an ’entry-level luxury’ model which Cadillac hopes will be as successful as the Mercedes CLA. There will also be new coupés and convertibles” reports The Economist.

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