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Tips for the Carpooling Mom


Now that summertime has come to an end, it’s time to get back into the groove of the school year. In between preparing the kids’ lunches and getting them to practice, getting yourself organized can be overwhelming. Below are six guidelines for carpooling moms heading back into the sports season this school year:

Tips for the Carpooling Mom

Come Up With a Schedule
To avoid confusion be sure to establish a schedule including pick up times and locations. This makes each parent accountable and responsible for where each child needs to be. We recommend creating and printing out a carpool schedule for each parent.

Travel With Goodies
One way to keep the kids behaved is by giving them healthy snacks to nourish their hungry bellies after a long day of school. Low-sugar, high-fiber granola bars are a good source to boost nutrient intake, not to mention easy to pack. 

Make Everyone Buckle Up
Seatbelts save lives. According to the National Highway Safety Administration, wearing a seatbelt can reduce the risk of injuries by 50%. Be sure to make everyone buckle up properly before hitting the road.

Practice Safe Driving
Carpooling is a commitment to be responsibility for keeping your passengers safe. Be sure to set a good example for the little ones by avoiding aggressive driving. Also, remember to keep the speed limit. After all it does improve your gas mileage.

Set Up Behavioral Rules
Kids can get out of control when there are no rules. Setting up ground rules will help you control what behaviors are allowable. Set rules concerning yelling, throwing around objects, music and so on.

Maintain your Car
Keeping your car well-kept and clean will reduce chaos. Kids can get messy, who knows what they are spilling in the back seat. Be sure to keep up with routine maintenance checks and car washes to keep your car looking and smelling good.

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