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Amazing DIY Tailgating Recipes to Try Right Now from Champion Mazda


Football has been the most important sport in Pennsylvania since some of the most important moments in football history. Did you know? The first football game was played in Pittsburgh in 1895. If you are a Pennsylvanian, chances are you love all things football and you’re as pumped for the upcoming season as we are.  There’s nothing like supporting your favorite football team with a group of friends and fellow supporters.

The football season comes along with tailgating and fun in the parking lot. Nobody knows where tailgating originated from, or when the first tailgating party was held, but we happy it exists. Enjoying good food, drinks and good company before a thrilling game of football is always a plus. As we all know, good food makes a good party. So we’ve come up with this list of special tailgating recipes to try out this football season. Watch these videos for expert tips on cooking up these tasty tailgating treats!

Tailgate Sliders

Grilled Sausage with Onion Relish & Strawberry Indulgence

Ground Beef Chili & Crayon Cakes

Sweet Tomato Barbecue Burger & Blueberry Whip on Pound Cake

Roadhouse Burgers with BLT Salad

Well there you have it; some of Champion Mazda’s favorite and easy to make tailgating recipes that will impress your football buddies. Some of these treats require some prep from home, but will travel well in your Mazda to be enjoyed by all from the comfort of your tailgate. Now all you need is to get your Mazda ready for tailgating. Getting a full service car wash is a good place to start. This will help clear away any clutter or dirt and make room for a cleaner cargo area. Consider investing in floor mats and a cargo organizer to keep your tailgate essentials in order. Also, whether you drive a new or used Mazda, be sure to schedule a service appointment to get our Mazda ready for football season driving. Visit Champion Mazda at 765 Carlisle Street Hanover, PA 17331 or call 888-496-8223 to schedule a service appointment.

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