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Tips to Make Your Mazda Road Trip Easy


Planning a summer getaway with the kiddos isn’t easy. The idea of traveling with kids for hours sounds terrifying but with the right preparation you’re in for a smooth ride. Although there are plenty of fun summer attractions to pick from, it’s not always easy finding one the kids will enjoy too. We all know how grumpy kids can get when they are bored, and that means less fun for you too.
To keep your kids energized and excited, why not surprise them with a fun day trip that’ll knock their socks off. With the hustle and bustle of organizing supplies and packing for your trip, you might not have time to fit in a fun event for the kids. Fear not, we’re here to help. Here’s the perfect day-trip spot that both you and the kids will enjoy.

The UTZ Potato Chip Factory


The UTZ Potato Chip Factory is a great stop for people of all ages. With an up-front view of this leading food snack company, the kids will finally see how their favorite snacks are made. From flavoring to packaging, both you and the kids will experience the process of producing these tasty snacks. Plus, everyone gets a free bag of chips at the end.

Did you know, the UTZ Potato Chip Factory produces up to 14,000 pounds of award winning chips per hour? It’s no wonder this Factory Tour is ranked number 1 out of the top 11 attractions in Hanover, PA. The best thing about the tour is that it’s self-guided and short. In 30 minutes, you’ll learn all there is to know about the brands history in a fun and interactive setting.

Every kid loves chips, so why not show yours how their favorite snack is made. The tour is available Monday – Thursday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. If you’re driving through Hanover, PA during your road trip, be sure to stop by and get a free bag of snacks. There is no minimum age requirement and cameras are allowed so you can take some cool selfies with the kiddos.

Preparation for the Trip

Traveling with Kids

Now that you have your journey planned out it’s time to prepare for the long trip ahead. Road trips are memorable experiences, but sometimes those memories are not always positive. The best way to avoid the memory of a broken down car or traveling with grumpy kids is prevention. Preparation is your number one weapon against a bad road trip experience. Here are a few tips to help minimize the stresses of traveling with kids:

Set a Budget – Kids have their way of getting what they want. As you know by now, saying no to your rugrats isn’t always easy. When coming up with a budget consider the cost of food, cost of lodging and cost of gas. Setting a realistic budget will help you prevent overspending.

Make it Fun – Kids easily get bored during long car rides. The best way to keep them from getting grumpy is keeping them entertained. The more fun and games you have in the car, the less complaining you’ll have to deal with.

Maintain your Car – Schedule your Mazda5 for a check-up before traveling. Minivans tend to burn fuel faster during the summer time. To keep your gas mileage at optimum levels, schedule a tune-up to make sure your car parts and fluids stay in good condition.

Stop by Hanover’s local dealer, Champion Mazda, to get your car serviced. We offer a wide range of repair and maintenance services to get your Mazda5 ready for summer driving. Whether you need an oil change or a simple tire inspection, Champion Mazda has you covered. We are located in the heart of Hanover, PA at 765 Carlisle Street. Call us today 1-888-496-8223!


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