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Father’s Day Gift Guide from Central Valley VW


Have you ever wondered what to get the man that has given you everything? Buying a Father’s Day gift for dad isn’t always easy, especially if you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend. Lucky for you, most dads are low maintenance and appreciate homemade gifts just as much, if not more than anything you could buy.


Meaningful & Affordable Father’s Day Gifts

Most dads just want to feel appreciated more than they want material things, so show your dad how much you care this Father’s Day with something from the heart. This isn’t always as easy as it sounds, but fortunately, we here at Central Valley Volkswagen, have created the perfect list of great low-budget gifts your dad would love to receive for Father’s Day.


Burn a CD of His Favorite Songs

CD’s are considered an outdated technology these days, but to most dads, they have been the primary method for listening to music since the 90’s. A homemade CD would be a heartfelt and nostalgic gift for any father this Father’s day.

Making a mixtape of all of your dad’s favorite songs is as meaningful to him as an expensive Bluetooth speaker. Anybody can go out and spend $100 on a nice luxury item, but chances are he will be much more excited to find out that you know exactly what music he likes.

A burned CD is a good way to impress your dad and introduce him to some new music you think he would enjoy. More than likely, he will be playing your CD on repeat in his car to and from work every day.


Create a Home Video

Most dads have simple taste. Sure, they like the finer things in life, but what really makes them happy is their kids. What could be a better gift to dad than showing him you and your siblings can stop arguing for a while and make an old-fashioned home video just for him? Not much.

Whether you choose to do something funny or more heartfelt, this gift will be one that he treasures for the rest of his life. The best part about this gift is that it will cost you almost nothing.

All this gift requires is some creativity, a couple hours of your time, maybe some nostalgic background music, a smartphone or video camera, and you’ve just made this Father’s Day one he will remember forever.


Breakfast in Bed

Dads are always getting up and ready to go bright and early and working all day, whether it be at his job or around the house. It would really impress him if this Father’s Day you set your alarm for early in the morning so that you could wake up before him and make him breakfast in bed. All you need is a few eggs, some bacon, and toast and your dad will know how much you appreciate and care about him.


Car Wash

Grab a sponge, hose, soap, and a vacuum and give his Volkswagen Jetta a nice deep cleaning. It’s a gift that he will notice immediately, and it allows him to see that you’re appreciative of all he does for you.

This gift is even better if he can sit back with a cold drink and watch you work! dad will see the hard work you put into it and know he raised you well, and really, what more could a guy ask for?


Have a Catch

More than anything, your dad just wants to bond with you. What better way than spending some quality time in the backyard with a baseball and a pair of gloves throwing the ball around with his son or daughter? This one might not count as a gift, but it is sure to make your dad happy this Father’s Day, and what could be better than that?

Material gifts are nice, and always appreciated, but this Father’s Day give your pocketbook a break and give dad what he really wants: a low-cost gift from the heart.

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