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December 2, 2015
by admin

Celebrating The “12 Days Of Volkswagen” At Central Valley VW

As the holidays draw near, your friends here at the premier new and used car Volkswagen dealer in Modesto, Central Valley Volkswagen, are in a festive mood. We are reminded of all our favorite holiday tunes, such as “Jingle Bells,” and “White Christmas.” One of our most favorite songs here at our Modesto VW dealership is “The 12 Days of Christmas.” That got us to thinking about 12 reasons to love your VW this holiday. Just like Santa, we’re making our list and checking it twice to offer up all of the nice things you’ll appreciate about owning a Volkswagen from your local VW dealership near Stockton, Central Valley Nissan.


1) You’ll Love The 2016 Golf GTI’s Fun-To-Drive Attitude

The award-winning 2016 Golf GTI at Central Valley VW returns to the applause of driving enthusiast around the world. The GTI’s race-bred engineering shines through with every twist and turn for a truly exhilarating driving experience. The GTI’s remarkable 201-hp turbocharged engine sport-tuned suspension with Dynamic Chassis Control (DCC®) generate more thrills per mile. And the GTI’s sports-minded cockpit with an array of advanced technology puts you firmly in command of the road ahead. The GTI is one hot hatchback that offers versatility and plenty of fun. Continue Reading →

November 1, 2015
by admin

Our Top 12 Delicious Thanksgiving Recipes

Here at your hometown Modesto VW dealership, Central Valley VW, we’re all about family. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, it’s time to prepare for making this year’s festive holiday meal the best ever. So from our family to yours, we’d like to share our top 12 Thanksgiving recipes. They are sure to be a hit with your family and friends this holiday season. Bon Appetit!


1) Extra-Moist Turkey

The secret to a moist and mouth-watering turkey is to cook it in an old-fashioned oval roaster that will both braise and roast the turkey at the same time, so it stays moist. Uncover the turkey the last 15 minutes to crisp the skin.


2) Italian Sausage and Bread Stuffing

This rustic and flavorful stuffing adds a rich and spicy touch. Continue Reading →

October 5, 2015
by admin

2015 Halloween Events in Modesto | A Complete Guide

Once again it’s that “spooktacular” time of year here in Modesto and surrounding areas. Our community is scaring up some Halloween fun with many activities for the entire family to enjoy.

As your hometown VW dealership in Modesto, California, we here at Central Valley VW want to help you plan how to have a frighteningly good time this Halloween. So we put together this handy guide to all the spooky Halloween events and activities in our area.

“Deathworkz” Brings Chaos To The Central Valley At St. Charles Place

Prepare to be scared out of your wits as the popular non-profit Deathworkz Haunted House returns to Modesto for four nights of ghoulish fun. Everyone at Deathworkz is “dying” to meet you as they creep around the pitch-black interior of this gruesomely haunted residence. Can you survive the chaos?

deathworks-haunted-house-modesto Continue Reading →

September 3, 2015
by admin

San Francisco 49ers Complete Season Outlook & Predictions

It’s now September, and you know what that means: the beginning of the 2015 NFL season. We here at Central Valley Volkswagen, one of the premier dealers of new and used cars in Modesto, California, could not be more excited to watch our 49ers take the field every Sunday. This season promises to be an interesting one. With all of the roster and coaching changes, it will be fun to watch how the team adjusts and performs in one of the NFL’s toughest divisions. Let’s take a look at what the 2015 season could look like for the 49ers.

49ers-season-outlook-and-predictions Continue Reading →

August 1, 2015
by admin

Top Modesto Golf Courses to Play During National Golf Month

We here at Central Valley VW, your hometown VW dealership in Modesto, California, know something about golf. However, the “golf” we’re talking about is the award-winning 2015 Volkswagen Golf, winner of Motor Trend’s prestigious 2015 Car of the Year Award.

So in honor of this championship vehicle, as well as National Golf Month, we thought it a timely idea to provide you with a handy list of the many golf courses located in Modesto and vicinity, along with some helpful golf tips to improve your game.

dryden-park-golf-course-modesto-ca Continue Reading →

July 3, 2015
by admin

30th Anniversary VW Auto Show at Central Valley Volkswagen

Calling all Volkswagen owners! Central Valley VW is turning 30 on August 2nd 2015, and will be celebrating with a VW auto show that is open to the public: Hot August Dub Days.

Hot August Dub Days: VW’s 30th Birthday Bash!

Bring in your classic 1960’s beetle, 1970’s Kombi, or any other Volkswagen classics and modern models for a day full of live music, awesome food, and some German engineered fun. We will be hosting a raffle, cooking your favorite barbecue dishes, and celebrating 30 great years serving the Modesto area.

central-valley-vw-hot-august-dub-days-event Continue Reading →

May 13, 2015
by admin

10 Ways to Support Troops & Veterans on Memorial Day

May 25, 2015 marks a day when our entire nation pauses to reflect on the heroic sacrifice our men and women in uniform have made in defense of our nation’s precious freedom, liberty, and way of life.

Memorial Day is meant to be a solemn occasion as we salute the fallen who have so selflessly given their “last full measure of devotion” to our beloved country. As we salute our brave and gallant soldiers who have given their lives for our nation, let us also remember the living.

Whether it’s a battle-scared veteran of the Gulf War, an Army soldier on patrol in Afghanistan, a Navy pilot on the flight deck, or a Vietnam-era vet; no matter what the conflict or where they are stationed, these brave soldiers, sailors, airmen and women, and members of the Reserve and National Guard deserve our undying gratitude.Support-Troops-On-Memorial-Day

Show Your Support for Our Troops & Veterans This Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, and every day, let us give heartfelt thanks for their service. That’s why we here at Central Valley Volkswagen, your hometown VW dealership in Modesto, California believe one of the best ways to honor the memory of these American patriots is to actively support our troops and veterans. For this reason, we’ve put together the following list of 10 ways we can all give back to those who served and continue to serve in our armed forces.

1) Wounded Warrior Project

This national organization’s motto is: “The greatest casualty is being forgotten.” They provide an extensive range of services for wounded veterans, as well as raise awareness of the needs of injured service members.

2) Disabled American Veterans

Supports physical and psychological rehab programs to ill, injured or wounded veterans. More than 96% of all monies taken in go to a variety of programs that provide food, shelter, and other needs.

3) The USO

For years, the USO has been the backbone of serving the many needs of service men and service women, as well as veterans, and their families. Donating to this most worthy organization helps to provide a myriad of important programs and services.

4) Home for Our Troops

Builds mortgage free, specially adapted homes nationwide for severely injured war veterans.

5) Books for Soldiers

A website where you can donate books, DVDs, other materials to our fighting forces at home and overseas.

6) Operation Homefront

Created by spouses of active-duty military personnel where you can donate money, household goods, vehicles, and other items to help military families. Funds are used to pay for daily family expenses for those whose family members are serving overseas.

7) Operation Uplink

Working alongside the VFW Foundation, this organization purchases phone cards for troops and hospitalized veterans so they can stay in touch with loved ones.

8) Voices From Home

Provides active-duty military with the opportunity to send and receive voicemails from loved ones. Coordinated by AmVets, a non-profit organization.

9) Soldiers’ Angels

Adopt a soldier and send care packages filled with useful items from home. The organization also sends cards and letters, serves lunches to vets, and provides voice-controlled laptops for the wounded.

10) Fisher House Foundation

Working in partnership with the Dept. of Defense, this organization offers round-trip airline tickets to wounded, injured and ill service members and their families through their Hero Miles Program to attend authorized events or travel for medical treatment. You can donate your frequent flyer miles from a number of airlines.

Thanks to your generosity, our American heroes and their families can live better lives. It’s a great way to give back to our troops this Memorial Day.

Declare Victory on High Prices at Central Valley Volkswagen

In celebration of Memorial Day, we’re defeating high prices with star-spangled savings on our wide selection of new Volkswagens, like the award-winning 2015 Golf family, Motor Trend’s 2015 Car of the Year.

Take aim on explosive deals, with exceptional special offers and manufacturer incentives. Stop by our VW dealership in Modesto and let us show you just how easy it is to drive away in a new VW. We’re conveniently located at 4620 N. McHenry Ave., Modesto, CA 95356. For Sales, please call 877-762-4792.

Happy Memorial Day, from your Central Valley VW family!Support-Veterans-on-Memorial-Day






April 3, 2015
by katieb

2015 Road Trip Safety Guide

With Spring Break upon us and the summer months almost here, it’s time to start thinking about taking a family road trip. Whether you’re planning to head over to the coast, down to SoCal, or to other picturesque locales, it’s always a good idea to keep safety a top priority.

To help you maximize the fun and minimize the stress on your next road trip, we’ve assembled these handy tips and suggestions that will help keep you and your family safe no matter where the road takes you.

road-trip-safety-guide-modesto-caVehicle Safety Inspection: Is Your Car Road Trip Ready?

Before you head out on the highway, the first thing you need to do is check your vehicle to make sure it’s ready for the road ahead. You should inspect the following key items:


Look for signs of uneven tread wear, or any cracks or gouges in the sidewall. Make sure that your tires and your spare are properly inflated. Consult your owner’s manual for more information.

Oil, Transmission, Coolant & Fluid Levels

Most new cars have plastic reservoirs for brake, power steering, and wash fluid; making it easy to visually inspect them. If you need to add any fluids, be sure to use a clean, unopened container to avoid contamination. It’s also important to check the oil, coolant, and transmission fluid and have these changed if necessary.

Belts & Hoses

Inspect belts and hoses for wear and tear. Look for soft spots in hoses and cracked, blistered, or soft belts. Note: this should always be performed with the engine off. It’s also a good idea to wait until the engine cools off to avoid possible burns on hot engine surfaces.

Car Battery

The last thing you want is to be stuck in an unfamiliar place with a dead battery. Avoid this inconvenient set-back by checking for corrosion around your car battery terminals and cracked or worn battery cables. It’s also a good idea to have your battery tested by a professional who can recommend if it needs replacing.

Wiper Blades

Check your wiper blades for any cracks or signs of wear, like skipping or streaking. Replace with a new set of blades, if necessary.

Air Filter

A dirty air filter can rob your car of performance and decrease fuel efficiency.

Headlights & Taillights

Make sure your headlights are aimed properly and that your taillights and turn signals are in proper working order.


If your vehicle seems sluggish and not as responsive as it used to be, it may be time for a tune-up. An engine tune-up helps to restore performance, while greatly improving gas mileage.

Quality Auto Service in Modesto, CA

Bring your car to our Central Valley Volkswagen Service Center and let our certified and factory-trained technicians make sure that it’s ready for your next road trip. Let us perform a multi-point checkup on your vehicle before you hit the road. We service most makes and models.

Additional Road Trip Safety Tips

Now that your car is prepped and ready to go, here are some additional safety suggestions you should consider:

Plan Carefully

Even if your car doesn’t have a built-in navigation system, most modern smartphones have navigation apps that will help guide you to your destination without error. To avoid any surprises, sit down and plan out your route, including rest stops, beforehand. Google Maps will not only show your entire route, but you can also print out turn-by-turn directions.

Get a Good Night’s Rest

Before embarking on your journey, be sure to get plenty of rest the night before. If possible, switch off driving with another adult every few hours.

Have an Emergency Kit

At minimum, a basic car emergency kit should include water, blankets, a flashlight, jumper cables, emergency flares, and first-aid materials. Keep your cellphone fully charged, and consider subscribing to a roadside assistance plan.

Booster Seat

If your child uses a booster seat, make sure that it is correctly installed by calling 866-SEAT-CHECK for a location here in the Modesto area that will provide a free car seat safety inspection.

Be Equipped for Heat & Sun

Use hats and sunglasses to shield yourself and your passengers from the sun. Also carry plenty of sunscreen. Consider buying a sunshade for the back seat, and cover seats with blankets when leaving the car. Most importantly: never children or pets unattended in a hot car; even for a few minutes.

Store Items Safely

Be sure and stash heavier items in the seat wells or in storage compartments to avoid the risk of them flying around the cabin in the event of an accident.

Protect Your Valuables

Keep your valuables locked up in the trunk or hidden out of sight to avoid theft. Remember to always lock your car.

Have Plenty of Gas

Keep your car fueled up throughout the trip. To avoid any gas-related dilemmas, don’t let the gas gauge get below a ¼ of a tank.

Stay Flexible

Sometimes road conditions or other factors may force a change in plans. Be flexible enough to adapt to changing situations.

We’re Passionate About Safety at Central Valley Volkswagen

As the top Volkswagen auto dealership in Modesto, we’re proud to offer some of the safest and most reliable new cars on the market today. The sleek and sophisticated 2015 Volkswagen Golf, GTI, Jetta, and Passat, were recently named 2015 “Top Safety Picks” for exceptional safety features by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). These 2015 Volkswagens, along with many of our other top safety-rated vehicles here at Central Valley Volkswagen, features an array of cutting-edge safety technology and five-star-rated features.

To learn more about some of the safest and most reliable cars on the road today, visit our showroom, conveniently located at 4620 McHenry Avenue, Modesto, CA 95356. To contact our Sales Department or Certified Service Center, call 209-524-6811.