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Jaguar F-Pace

June 30, 2017
by Berglund Luxury Roanoke

Everything You Want to Know About the 2018 Jaguar F-Pace

Jaguar F-Pace

At a mere year old, the Jaguar F-Pace is the new kid on a block full of luxury crossovers. It might be new, but it is already becoming one of the most popular options out there. Sitting somewhere in between the small and midsize crossovers, the F-Pace provides the perfect option for people who want something that is nimble, spacious, and elegant. Take a look at what you will get if you drive one of these vehicles.

The Trims

The 2018 Jaguar F-Pace comes in six trims, and each one seats up to five people. The Base trim might be at the bottom of the ladder, but you’ll forget that when you access features like the panoramic sunroof. It also has 40/20/40-split folding rear seats. This opens up the vehicle and lets you take more on the road with you.

The Premium trim has everything you’ll get with the Base model plus a little extra, such as bigger wheels and a rearview camera. Consider adding the Vision Package to this vehicle. This package is all about safety. It will be like you have an extra set of eyes on the road.

The Prestige trim is another step up. This is perfect or those who want a little extra dash of luxury. Picture sliding in and putting your phone down on the leather upholstery and interacting with the vehicle through voice control. That’s real luxury there.

That takes you to the R-Sport. Bigger wheels, special sport bumpers, and uniquely-designed seats that include adjustable thigh support all set this vehicle apart. You can even increase the horsepower on this one by getting the S trim.

Then, you have the granddaddy of all of the trims, the Portfolio. This has all of the features you’ll get with the Prestige along with premium leather upholstery and bigger wheels. It also has extra comfort, convenience, and luxury features. If you want to have it all, this is the one for you.

The Engines

When you look through the trims, you’ll notice some engine options. First, understand that Jaguar added a new engine into the mix for the 2018 model year. This new turbocharged inline-four engine is available on the F-Pace’s base model. This engine produces an impressive 247 horsepower.

However, it’s the returning supercharged V6 engine that gets most of the love. This powerful engine comes in two forms. One produces 340 horsepower, and the other produces a whopping 380 horsepower.

The diesel engine is also worth considering. This is the go-to choice for those who want to get the most fuel efficiency. Coming in at 180 horsepower, it might not produce as much power, but it gets a combined 29 mpg.

The Driving Aids

It’s also worth noting that Jaguar added a couple of additional driving aids to the 2018 Jaguar F-Pace, making it worth getting an upgrade if you have the 2017 model. The 2018 version comes with Forward Vehicle Guidance and Forward Traffic Detection. These aids will help you park and avoid collisions.

Most vehicles don’t go through such a big upgrade after one year, but the F-Pace isn’t like most vehicles. See one in person at Berglund Group Roanoke-Jaguar in Roanoke, Virginia. Take it out for a spin around Roanoke and see how it performs under pressure.


Volvo XC90

June 26, 2017
by Berglund Luxury Roanoke

Volvo SUVs You Should Drive

Volvo XC90

If you are in the market for a new SUV, you have two great options. Consider going with the Volvo XC60 or the Volvo XC90. One is a compact SUV, while the other is a midsize option. Check out the features to see which one of the Volvo SUVs is the right choice for you. Then, get ready to drive off in luxury.

Volvo XC60 – Proof that Great Things Come in Compact Packages

Compact comfort is the name of the game for the Volvo XC60. The seats are incredibly comfortable regardless of how far you travel, and the integrated booster seats make it much easier for families to take road trips. If you get these optional seats, you can pop them up when you need them. Since they are dual-stage booster seats, they accommodate kids of different sizes.

The XC60’s engine also stands out. It might be a 4-cylinder, but it has a quiet power that you will love when you’re driving. This 4-cylinder has enough get-up-and-go to produce 240 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque for the base T5 model. It also has a momentary overboost feature that adds some extra torque for short periods of time. If you want even more power, you can go with the T5 or R-design models. These have even more horsepower so you can be the master of the roads when you drive.

These engines might be powerful, but they are still efficient. The T5 gets 26 mpg combined, while the T6 gets 22 mpg. With efficiency like that, you can tackle that big road trip you’ve been putting off.

Volvo XC90 – Big and Bold

The Volvo XC90 is a midsize three-row luxury SUV. It might be part of a crowded class, but it stands out due to its spacious seating and tons of standard safety features. The T5 model has a turbocharged engine that gets 250 horsepower and 258 pounds-feet of torque and clocks in with an estimated 24 mpg.

Those specs look great, but it’s the XC90 Plug-In Hybrid that gets most of the press. It uses an engine and an electric motor. You can switch modes with this vehicle. If you go with the hybrid mode, you will get 54 MPGe on the highway, and 53 MPGe in the city. You can also take short commutes using only electricity.

All the models really shine when it comes to safety features. Features like the frontal collisions warning system and Run-Off Road Protection keep you safe on the road. In fact, Run-Off Road Protection is one of the most innovative safety features of late. It engages various safety features if you run off the road.

Both of these Volvo SUVs are great pieces of machinery and worth seeing in person. Visit Berglund Group Roanoke-Volvo in Roanoke, Virginia, and check these SUVs out today.


Infinity Q50

June 19, 2017
by Berglund Luxury Roanoke

Discover the Different Q50 Trims

Infinity Q50

If you were to come up with some words to describe the Q50, what would you say? You could follow the lead of others and use words like “slinky” and “cool.” These are very true. There is one more word to add to your list. “Adaptable.” With 16 trims, Infiniti has found a way to adapt the Q50 to meet every driver’s needs. Whether you want power, great gas mileage, or something else, there is a trim with your name on it. Let’s take a look at some of the key trim options you can get with this model.

The Starter Trims

Everyone has to start somewhere, and if you’re testing out an Infiniti for the first time, you might want a base trim. The Q50 2.0t and Q50 2.0t AWD are both excellent choices. The most important thing to know about these models is you will get a ton of features for a low price. From the Bluetooth to the rain sensing wipers, you will feel like you have a loaded car when you take off in a base model.

Upgrade to Premium

If you live a premium lifestyle, you will need the Q50 2.0t Premium or the Q50 2.0t Premium AWD. This is decked out with a moonroof, Bose audio system, and more. Think of this as upgrading from a beachfront hotel room to a beachfront villa. You will be wrapped up in luxury every time you slide behind the wheel.

Go Sport

If sport-tuned suspension is more your thing, go with the Q50 2.0t Sport. This model also has an AWD option. The main thing to know about this trim is it has sport-tuned suspension and other sport features. You will have a more responsive driving experience with the sport trim.

Get More Power

So what if power is more your thing? Then you need to meet the Q50 3.0t lineup. These vehicles have a 3-liter V6 twin turbo engine that produces 300 horsepower. You can get the Premium, Premium AWD, Signature, or Sports editions. Regardless of your choice, you’ll fly off the line.

Still Not Enough Power? Get Some More

You want even more power? Then it’s time to upgrade to the Q50 Red Sport 400. This vehicle produces 400 horsepower, so it won’t have any trouble getting the job done. It also has dynamic digital suspension and other features to improve the driving experience.

Go Hybrid

If gas mileage is of the utmost importance, check out the hybrid trims. Available as a premium or AWD trim, it gets 27 mpg in the city and 32 mpg on the highway. It still manages to have strong acceleration so you will fly off the line.

Now you’re one step closer to getting your new Q50. Take the final step by heading over to Berglund Group Roanoke-Infiniti in Roanoke, Virginia. See these vehicles in person and take one home today.


Infinity Q50

June 12, 2017
by Berglund Luxury Roanoke

Introducing the Range Rover Velar

Infinity Q50

Land Rover is always coming out with something exciting. That’s one of the reasons people love the brand so much. That excitement has reached a fever pitch over the all-new Range Rover Velar. This new crossover was created to fill the gap between the Range Rover Sport and the Range Rover Evoque, and it fills that gap nicely. Sporty and with enough room to seat up to five people, this crossover is sure to please lots of drivers.

The Engines

You can’t think of a Range Rover without thinking of the engine. Range Rover always manages to impress with its engines, and it has done so yet again. The Range Rover Velar comes with three engine choices, and each one has great specs.

Let’s start with the base option. It might be the base, but it features a 2-liter 4-cylinder engine with a turbocharger. This powerful engine produces 247 horsepower, making it more than capable.

If you prefer diesel, you can get the turbocharged 2-liter diesel-fueled 4-cylinder engine. It produces 180 horsepower and comes in at 317 pound-feet of torque.

You can also go with the top-of-the-line 3-liter V6 engine. This engine has some insane specs. It produces 380 horsepower and can go from 0-60 in a mere 5.3 seconds. That’s really impressive for a crossover.

Easy Driving on All Surfaces

As with most Land Rovers, the Range Rover Velar is built for all conditions. One of the coolest things about it is the 4x4i menu. You just need to glance at the menu to see your steering wheel angle, suspension articulation, Wade Sensing data, slope information, and more. That makes it easy to navigate those big hills you will find on the trail.

Safety Features

If you’re going to drive in all conditions, you need to have some safety features, and the Velar delivers. It has a ton of standard safety features, like Lane Departure Warning and Autonomous Emergency Braking. You can add some extra safety to the vehicle with the Drive Pro package. With features like Traffic Sign Recognition and Adaptive Speed Limiter, you will be safer than you’ve ever been on the road. Plus, these features are sure to impress your friends. Most people have never even seen features like this.

The First Edition Model

The Velar comes with various trims, but the First Edition model is the most intriguing. Land Rover is only making 500 of these, and they will only be sold in the United States. A bunch of the Velar’s trim-specific options come standard in the First Edition, and it is available in satin-silver paint. Plus, it has some unique styling options for the interior and exterior.

If you want to learn more about the Velar, visit Berglund Group Roanoke-Land Rover in Roanoke, Virginia. The team will go over all of your options and help you decide on the right trim.


Mercedes-Benz E300

June 5, 2017
by Berglund Luxury Roanoke

Mercedes-Benz E300 Features

Mercedes-Benz E300

The luxurious Mercedes-Benz E300 has created a lot of excitement in the auto world. People are buzzing about all of the features this sedan has. From the performance to the safety, this sedan has everything you want in a luxury vehicle. Get the scoop on what you’ll get if you take one of these vehicles home.

Power and Performance

Mercedes-Benz is known for delivering a ton of power under the hood, and the E300 doesn’t disappoint. The 2-liter inline-4 turbo engine provides the perfect blend of power and efficiency. It produces 241 horsepower and 273 pound-feet of torque and can fly from 0-60 in just over 6 seconds. It does all of that while still getting 22 mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway. That’s a lot of efficiency for such a powerful vehicle.

The Eco Start/Stop system helps with that fuel efficiency. When you pull up at a stoplight or idle in traffic for a long time, the engine will automatically shut off, which cuts down on the amount of fuel used. It also reduces the exhaust the car produces. You don’t have to turn the engine back on, either. Just lift your foot off the brake and it will automatically go back on so you can drive.

The Driving Experience

The driving experience goes beyond power and efficiency. You want comfort and responsiveness as well, and you’ll get it with this sedan. The supple and supportive seats are perfect for long drives, which you will love taking when you utilize Dynamic Select. This standard feature lets you flip between four driving modes. Move from ECO, Comfort, Sport, and Sport+ to get the responsiveness you want.

Speaking of responsiveness, the 9G-TRONIC automatic transmission makes this vehicle unbelievably responsive. It has a greater range of ratios and takes shorter steps between gears when compared to other transmissions. That means it changes gears faster than most transmissions, creating an incredibly responsive driving experience. You will feel like you’re off to the races when you steer this sedan.

Safety Features

The E300 is also loaded with safety features. Car-to-X Communication is the coolest of them all. This system connects your car to a central communication system. If you encounter any dangers on the road, it will let the system know. Then, the system alerts other E-Class drivers. That allows you to avoid hazards that other drivers have encountered. How cool is that? Then, of course, it has other standard safety features, such as the PRE-SAFE system. You will feel like nothing can touch you when you’re in this car.

You don’t have to just read about the Mercedes-Benz E300. Experience it in person at Berglund Group Roanoke-Mercedes in Roanoke, Virginia. Drive it around town, and then talk to the financing team. They will make it easy for you to take it home today.


2017 Volvo XC60

May 30, 2017
by Berglund Luxury Roanoke

Get Ready for a Road Trip with Your 2017 XC60

2017 Volvo XC60

The open road is calling your name, and with the help of the 2017 Volvo XC60, you can answer that call. This vehicle was built with road trips in mind so you can take off on the open road without worries in the XC60. From safety to technology, this vehicle handles all of your travel needs.

Say Hello to Safe Driving

Safety is important on a road trip. You don’t want anything bad to happen, which is why the XC60 is such a popular choice. As an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ recipient, you will feel safe and secure on the road. It has tons of safety features, including the Blind Spot Monitor System, Back Up Camera and Rear Parking System, and City Safety auto-braking technology. This is just a glimpse of the safety feature you will get with this vehicle.

A Boost of Efficiency

When you drive the 2017 XC60, you don’t have to let gas prices dictate how far you go. With an estimated *30 mpg on the highway, you can put some distance between yourself and the gas stations. Fill up and get to your destination before you have to hit the pump again.

*Based on EPA mileage ratings. Use for comparison purposes only. Your mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle, driving conditions and other factors.

Ample Room for All Your Needs

Road trips take space. You need to throw your suitcases in the vehicle, and your family needs a place to sit. With 67.4 cubic feet of cargo space, you can throw in your luggage, load up the kids, and hit the road. Everyone and everything will have its own place in this vehicle.

Travel-Friendly Technology

You need to get to your destination, and you want to keep your family entertained at the same time. The XC60 has you covered on both fronts. Keep your family entertained with Sensus Connect. It includes a Wi-Fi hotspot, plus apps and entertainment options. Then, get to your destination with Volvo’s optional navigation system. This system includes voice recognition, 3-D imaging, and routing options

What if you want to take a road trip but you don’t have the 2017 XC60? If that’s the case, stop by Berglund Group Roanoke-Volvo in Roanoke, Virginia. Check out the XC60 in person and take it around Roanoke. Then, fill out the paperwork, take it home, and get ready for your next adventure.


Jaguar elitecare on a Jaguar vehicle

May 23, 2017
by Berglund Luxury Roanoke

How Jaguar EliteCare Protects You

Jaguar Infotainment

Your Jaguar is a lean, meaning, driving machine, and you want to keep it that way. You can do just that with the help of Jaguar EliteCare. Jaguar EliteCare is a 5-year/60,000-mile warranty. This best-in-class warranty includes lots of extras that you would not expect.

Complimentary Scheduled Maintenance

Most warranties leave the maintenance to the vehicle owner, but that isn’t the case with Jaguar EliteCare. With EliteCare, you can take your Jaguar to your local dealership for your scheduled maintenance, and it won’t cost you a thing. In addition, you will get the benefit of genuine Jaguar-approved parts when you go through the dealership. That means your maintenance won’t just be free. It will also be done correctly, which is important if you want to use your Jaguar for years to come.

Free 24/7 Roadside Assistance

Due to the free scheduled maintenance, your Jaguar should be up and running at all times. However, you never know what might come your way when you’re on the road. What if you hit a deer or run over a nail? If that happens, just call the free roadside assistance service, and the team will come out and help you.

Jaguar InControl Technology

Jaguar EliteCare also gives you access to Jaguar InControl technology. You can use the tool to start your engine remotely, check your fuel levels when you aren’t in the vehicle, and more. It can even transmit your location to the roadside assistance team. On top of that, the system will send out an SOS emergency call if you are in a serious accident. With the help of InControl Technology, you won’t have to worry about a thing when you’re on the road. It is like having a technological co-pilot on hand at all times, ready to jump in if you need help. That should make you feel relaxed and secure when you get behind the wheel.

With Jaguar EliteCare, it’s never been a better time to buy a Jaguar. Visit Berglund Group Roanoke-Jaguar in Roanoke, Virginia, to look through our inventory today! Our team can help you get your new Jaguar and sign up for EliteCare. Then, you can take off into the distance, knowing that you have all of the protection you need.

Range Rover

May 16, 2017
by Berglund Luxury Roanoke

How to Configure Your Range Rover

Range Rover

A Range Rover isn’t just your typical vehicle. It’s a powerful, luxurious machine that is customized to its driver’s specific desires. That means you have a ton of configuration options to choose from when you pick this vehicle. Check out some of the available options so you will be ready to customize your own Range Rover.

The Engine

The engine is basically your Range Rover’s legs. It powers your vehicle to get from one point to the next, so you want the right engine for your needs. Most Range Rovers have a variety of engine choices. You can choose from 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, and 8-cylinder engines, depending on the model. In addition, some Range Rovers offer the option of going with a gas or diesel engine. Pick the engine based on the power, performance, and efficiency you want out of your Range Rover.

The Wheels

You want your wheels to turn heads when you pull away from a stoplight. With that in mind, you can choose the wheels that work best for your needs when you go with a Range Rover vehicle. Choose the size and spoke style you desire, and you will have a standout ride from the ground up.

Exterior Features

Have you ever noticed that two people can drive the same Range Rover, but they look quite a bit different? That’s because you can customize your Range Rover’s exterior. Depending on the Range Rover you choose, you might be able to select the headlights, roof color, and windshield type. For instance, you can upgrade to a heated windshield for your new ride.

Finishing Touches for the Interior

You’re going to spend a lot of time inside of your Range Rover, so you want to be sure that it looks just right. With some models, you can customize the color of the leather, the finishes, and much more. This will give you the exact look you want for your Range Rover.

Optional Range Rover Features

You can also add some optional features into the mix, such as the Tow Package, Vision Assist Package, and Drive Pro Package. These features will help you push your Range Rover to the limits.

If you need extra help deciding which features to get, the team at Berglund Group Roanoke-Land Rover in Roanoke, Virginia, can help. The team will go over all of your options and help you pick the features that are the best for your needs.


2017 Infiniti qx30

May 9, 2017
by Berglund Luxury Roanoke

Everything You Want to Know About the Infiniti QX30

2017 Infiniti qx30

The Infiniti QX30 is full of luxury, style, and performance – all in a reasonably priced package. This crossover SUV is also loaded with standout features that make it a beast on the road and a joy to drive. Take a look at what you will get with the 2017 Infiniti QX30.

The Best in Autonomous Technology

Technology has changed the way people drive. Now, drivers have access to more technological features than ever before, and this is especially true with the QX30.

First, the available Intelligent Park Assist feature will help you determine if a parking spot is the right size for your vehicle. The Around View Monitor with Moving Object Detection and Front Rear Sonar System will also help with parking, ensuring you can slide right into a parking spot without any problems. The vehicle also comes with the Lane Departure Warning system, Forward Emergency Braking, the Traction Control System, and other cool autonomous features.

Top-Notch Performance

The QX30 also has a lot going on under the hood. The dual-clutch transmission eliminates shift delays, so you can enjoy smooth and fast gear changes on the road. The transmission acts as a great compliment to the 2-liter turbocharged engine that produces 208 horsepower and 258 pound-foot of torque. The vehicle also has top-rate handling dynamics, thanks to the finely tuned shocks. The shocks reduce the feel of the pavement under the vehicle without comprising the handling. That means you can zoom along a rough road without feeling all of the bumps.

Various Drive Modes

When you drive the QX30, you can switch between the drive modes. Save fuel with Eco mode, or use the paddle shifters with Manual mode. You can also increase your responsiveness and acceleration with Sport mode. The drive mode selector puts the power in your hands.

The Infiniti QX30 looks great on paper, but how does it stack up in person? Find out by taking a trip to Berglund Group Roanoke-Infiniti in Roanoke, Virginia. Take a look at this vehicle and then go for a drive around Roanoke. Just don’t be surprised if you fall in love as soon as you start the engine.


2017 Mercedes-Benz E400 4MATIC

May 2, 2017
by Berglund Luxury Roanoke

Meet the 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon

2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class wagon interior

Luxury and convenience are rolled into one stylish package with the 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon. The new E400 4MATIC Wagon is proof that people can have it all. Drivers can have the room to carry the entire family and their belongings, along with the features they want in a luxurious ride. Take a minute to find out all that this new wagon has to offer.

Exciting New Innovations

The E400 4MATIC Wagon is the most innovative wagon yet. The available Active Lane Change Assist makes going from one lane to the next a breeze. It also features Car-to-X Communication. This technology will connect your vehicle to the E-Class data center so you can get in-car updates about the various driving conditions. You will receive the information ahead of time so you can plan accordingly.

In addition, this vehicle has Pre-Safe Impulse Side technology. This technology prepares the vehicle for a side impact. It rapidly inflates the front-seat bolster and reduces the forces that come from a collision. To top it off, the E400 4MATIC Wagon includes Pre-Safe Sound Sense. This technology sends out a pink noise so that your hearing will be protected during a crash. Mercedes goes the extra mile to ensure that drivers are safe.

Powerful Performance

The E-Class Wagon has everything you need under the hood to get the best performance possible. The Biturbo V6 engine produces 329 horsepower, while the Dynamic Select lets you fine-tune the chassis and drivetrain to your specific needs, all with the touch of a button. Plus, the vehicle has 4MATIC all-wheel drive, so your vehicle adapts to all conditions. You can even get the available Air Body Control. This cool feature includes self-lowering and self-leveling technologies so you can handle curves and cargo without any problems.

Flexible Space

The E400 4MATIC Wagon is also incredibly flexible. The 40/20/40 second-row seats and rear-facing third row mean that you can load up the family or take your kid’s drum set to school and still have space to spare. You can keep the flexibility going with the 64 different colors for the LED ambient lighting. From cargo space to lights, the interior will always reflect your mood and your needs.

Now that you know about the E-Class Wagon, it’s time to see one in person. Visit Berglund Group Roanoke-Mercedes in Roanoke, Virginia, and check out the E400 4MATIC up close. Once you take one out for a spin and fall in love, fill out the paperwork so that you can take it home today!