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Why Does Stephen Curry Love the New 2018 INFINITI Q50?


Has INFINITI found the champion to lead its championship-level status as one of the finest luxury car brands on the market? You bet. With Steph Curry on board as INFINITI’s ambassador extraordinaire, all things are possible—but it all starts with the new 2018 INFINITI Q50, which is for sale right now at our Roanoke car dealership. The only thing left to ask is: Does the Q50 drive as sweet on the road as Curry does on the court? Let’s find out.

Revolutionary Sport Performance

Delivering 400 horsepower on the dot, the award-winning 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbo is what makes the Q50 so special. Comprised entirely out of aluminum alloy, the engine block is lightweight and highly responsive to power plant cues, although producing 350 pound-feet of torque certainly helps it chug along. For a bit of added finesse—think: Steph Curry’s famous jumper—utilize the INFINITI Drive Mode when the situation calls for a quick bucket. With EPA estimates turning up 26 mpg on the highway, the new Q50 is no sixth man, either; it’s a starter that can ball until the game clock hits zero.


Anticipatory Nature & Safety

Much like how the Baby-Faced Assassin reads the court, the 2018 INFINITI Q50 can read the road. It’s never surprised by the unexpected, nor is it ever backpedaling to play D thanks to myriad safety systems, including the following:

  • Predictive Forward Collision Warning – Front-mounted radars scan the road, monitoring traffic congestion and following distance, and alert the driver when they should pull up for three.
  • Forward Emergency Braking – If a collision seems imminent, rather than driving in for the hard foul, the Q50 can apply the brakes to prevent a trip to the stripe (i.e. our Roanoke auto service center).
  • Direct Adaptive Steering – Take those sharp turns and cross-overs with precision and fluidity thanks to the Q50’s digital steering inputs.
  • Lane Departure Prevention – If you stray from your lane, the 2018 Q50 will coach you back into formation, even in the most chaotic situations.
  • Backup Collision Intervention® – When in reverse, your Q50 will detect objects and approaching vehicles, then engage the brakes before they can pad their stats with a pick-pocketing steal.
  • Around View® Monitor – Having eyes in the back of your head can’t compete with four sets of them. This four-camera system ensures you’re hitting the jumper, not other vehicles when parking.

Powered by the INFINITI Safety Shield® Concept, all the systems and features found in the 2018 Q50 are made to keep you playing at the highest level.

The Q50 Looks the Part of a Champ

It certainly plays like a champion, but does this 2018 INFINITI car look like it deserves a ring? You be the judge:


Leather-appointed seats and interior doors. Quilted patterns and red-contrast stitching. An invigoratingly simple central stack and touchscreen. Textured Kacchu Aluminum trim. Soft-touch materials from stern to bow. We’d say the 2018 INFINITI Q50 can walk and talk the walks and talks.

Test Drive the New INFINITI Q50 in Roanoke, VA

Now that the NBA season has kicked off, it’s time to become one with your inner-Curry. Visit our Berglund Luxury Roanoke dealers at 5000 Franklin Rd to see how the newest INFINITI Q50 can make you an all-star. Or simply contact our luxury car dealer near Salem at (540) 344-6284 to schedule a test drive in this 2018 INFINITI car or any of our other all-new luxury vehicles.


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