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Everything You Want to Know About the 2018 Jaguar XF

Everything You Want to Know About the 2018 Jaguar XF

Everything You Want to Know About the 2018 Jaguar XF

Looking to purchase a Jaguar, but not sure what make a model you are looking for? Check out the amazing 2018 Jaguar XF. With so many incredible features, you are guaranteed to be impressed!

Lightweight Architecture

The Jaguar XF is made up of the most advanced aluminum architecture developed by Jaguar Cars that provides a faultless ride, management and dynamics. This architecture allows for near perfect balance, and extremely precise driving. Lightweight and durable, the aluminum exterior itself is composed of a elevated levels of recycled aluminum, which uses less energy to produce than normal aluminum, making the production of the car better for the environment.

Automatic Transmission

The 8-speed automatic transmission delivers a rapid shift for easy acceleration and is extremely receptive smooth driving. The transmission offers even quicker shifts in Dynamic Mode, and earlier up-shifts in Eco Mode. You can also choose to manually control gearshifts through the steering wheel paddles at the touch of a finger!

Power Assisted Steering

The Electric Power Assisted Steering on the 2018 Jaguar XF offers reliable feedback and constant control. By monitoring vehicle speed, the Electric Power Assisted Steering calibrates the amount of power needed for every bend and maneuver. Other features available with Electric Power Assisted Steering including; optional Lane Keep Assist and Park Assist offered at the driver’s convenience.

Top Notch Emergency Breaking System

The available Emergency Braking system in the 2018 Jaguar XF uses a forward-facing camera to always watch for a potential collision. If a collision is detected, the vehicle gives a distinct forward visual warning in the Head-Up Display. If a collision is still anticipated and the driver continues to takes no action, the system is designed to apply the brakes to help reduce the seriousness of the impact.

Blind Spot Assistance

The optional Blind Spot Monitor uses radar sensors to cover areas problematic to see when you’re driving, meaning either directly or quickly approaching in your blind spot. If it detects cars overtaking, it warns you with an amber icon in the appropriate door mirror. Blind Spot Assist is also available to further help you prevent collisions. If your car detects another vehicle in your blind spot when you begin to change lanes, Blind Spot Assist provides safe way to guide you away from away from the approaching vehicle.

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