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Why You Should Consider a Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar

Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar Roanoke

The reasons for considering a certified pre-owned Jaguar are limitless. The savings you get by opting for a pre-owned model as opposed to a new one are a big draw, as this can bring your dream Jaguar within your budget. By going with a certified model as opposed to a regular used one, you get added confidence and a long list of benefits. While there are always advantages to choosing a certified pre-owned model from any manufacturer, going with a Jaguar will give you a set of unique benefits you can’t find anywhere else.

Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar Warranty

If you buy a regular used vehicle, you will only get whatever is left of the original warranty. However, opting for a certified Jaguar gives you an extended warranty. The Certified Pre-Owned Warranty supplements whatever is left of the original New Car Warranty. It lasts for 100,000 miles or 7 years and will cover repairs needed for unexpected and sudden electrical or mechanical failure. Best of all, the work is always completed by Jaguar trained technicians. This warranty is even transferable if you choose to sell your car or give it to someone in the future.

Roadside Assistance

Because Jaguar aims to give you peace of mind with your certified pre-owned vehicle, it will also come with Jaguar Roadside Assistance. This service is available 24/7 and 365 days a year, giving you help when you need it whether that is in the form of lock-out assistance, changing a flat tire, or something else.

Confidence of an Inspection

When you choose to buy a certified pre-owned Jaguar, you also get the confidence associated with knowing that the vehicle is in excellent shape. After all, to become certified, a Jaguar has to pass a 165-point inspection that looks at every single aspect of the vehicle. The inspection includes the interior, paintwork, engine, electrical systems, and more. The inspection also includes a road test completed by professionals. If any systems need repairs, they are completed, and components are repaired or replaced as needed.

Try One For Yourself!

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