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6 Most Common Auto Body Damage Repairs


As a vehicle owner, you expect car repairs to be a part of life. However, you can’t always expect the type of damage that’ll put your vehicle out of commission. Common auto services like oil changes may be routine, but what about the issues that are caused by car accidents? Here are six common reasons why people seek out the experts at our Roanoke collision center after a crash.


  1. Busted Bumpers

From frontal car-on-car collisions to mishaps with mailboxes— “I swear that mailbox wasn’t there a second ago”—dented bumpers are frequently the most common types of auto body damage seen at collision centers.

Repair costs for bumper damage vary, though you can expect to pay a pretty penny if a full bumper replacement is needed and you have a high deductible insurance policy (or none at all, shame on you). This is because the bumper houses some pretty complex car components, including headlights, warnings for airbag deployment, cameras, and more.

If you need to repair a Land Rover bumper in Roanoke, VA, trust in the specialists at our Berglund Body Works shop. Our affordable collision repair costs make insurance companies happy and our expertise will make you happy. Win-win.

  1. Rear-End Damage

Distracted drivers and inclement weather have caused many fender-benders, which means lots of cases of rear-end damage show up at our collision center in Roanoke.

To fix the rear bumper of a vehicle, including any underlying fender damage, we first must inspect the taillights, trunk compartment, wheel wells, rearview camera, signal indicators, and any other problem areas. Then, we order replacement parts and get to work.

Note: Even if the rear-end damage doesn’t seem problematic at first glance, it’s important to have your vehicle inspected for signs of a cracked frame, wheel alignment issues, and more.


  1. Chipped Windshields

Windshield cracks and chips are no laughing matter. If left unattended, those seemingly minor window chips can become more troublesome as the temperatures drop or further damage occurs. Don’t risk it.

Many small windshield cracks can be repaired at home using an affordable kit. However, we recommend hiring a professional auto glass repair expert to get the job done. Most car glass repairs can be made for under $100 at a body shop. If the damage is more extensive, you’ll probably need a full windshield replacement, which can cost a bit more.

  1. Body Paint Scratches

Vandals, hit-and-runners, and bad drivers can do a number on your car’s paint, evoking in you a fury that cannot be contained. But don’t fret—tens of thousands of other people have had to deal with deep body paint scratches before, and they’ve been just fine.

If the scratches are fairly minor, a touch-up pen may be able to mask damage, though any major damage would certainly require a professional repair artist to re-paint the body. A good insurance policy with comprehensive coverage can absorb most costs associated with car paint repairs, which can range from a couple hundred dollars to a couple grand, depending on the vehicle make. Double-check your policy!


  1. Minor Dings & Dents

Imagine coming out of the grocery store to spot a crease or dent in your car door. Some good-for-nothing, lousy, wannabe human being smacked their door into yours and didn’t leave a note. If you’re lucky enough, the damage is minimal and doesn’t appear to show signs of chipped paint. Whew!

That’s where Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) comes into play.

What is PDR? It’s a relatively new technique that helps to restore those dinged-up spots on your car without applying new auto paint. Our Roanoke body shop has specialty PDR equipment that can revitalize most any vehicle, including Land Rovers, and the costs for these paintless car repairs are very low.

  1. Airbag Replacements

Airbags go off in the event of a collision—we all know this is true. But what happens when the crashed car is repaired and put back on the road? Those airbags can’t just be de-deployed (un-deployed?) and placed back into their proper places. They’ll need to be entirely replaced and tested with the deployment alert system.

If you need replacement airbags in Roanoke, VA, beware of collision shops that advertise prices that are too good to be true. They may use generic airbags that aren’t up to snuff, which may cause physical harm to you or your passengers if they ever deploy again. At Berglund Body Works, we replace OEM airbags to meet your vehicle automaker’s safety standards.

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As always, our Roanoke auto body center is here to help you ease back on the road after an accident. Whether you need comprehensive car repairs or a replacement Range Rover part, make an appointment at Berglund Body Works today. The sales team at our Land Rover Roanoke dealership would also be happy to find you a nice new or used SUV if your vehicle isn’t repairable. Browse our inventory and Land Rover special offers!

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