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Be the Spookiest House on the Block for Halloween


Halloween’s around the corner, and you know what that means: throwing away last year’s leftover candy corn. It also means that the time has come to get into the Halloween spirit with some unnerving and downright spooky house decorations. Frighten the neighbors. Frighten the trick-or-treaters. Frighten the little leashed French Bulldogs that walk past. You know you want to.

Here are a few DIY Halloween decoration ideas to spruce up (or down) your Roanoke house for October 31st.

Photo: (c/o “markk”)

Halloween Guillotine Prop

Spare wood, nails, rope, red paint, and a fake guillotine blade—those are the only materials needed to create this head-chopping apparatus. If you typically hit the streets on Halloween night, leave a bowl of candy right beyond the skull restraint. That might deter a few snatch-and-grab thieves from sweeping out all the KitKats. The nerve! Click here to read more about this fun Halloween prop.


Halloween Lamp Post

There’s a fork in the road. Which way do you go? With this creepy lamp post, tell all your wary travelers that all roads lead to Scareville.  Adapt this DIY Halloween project to fit your own aesthetic. Add a touch of the creepy factor by replacing the bird with a severed doll head. Make the signs read “PURGATORY” and “ENTER IF YOU DARE.” Or just keep to the script and enhance your front yard.

grim reaper

Scary Grim Reaper

If you’re handy with tools and love everything about Hallows’ Eve, you’ll want to tackle this Halloween decoration project before October drags on. Completely free standing—and immensely creepy—this grim reaper is waiting to ferry another passenger across the River Styx. Prop him around a corner or tree, insert a motion-detecting light in the lantern, and wait patiently for a scream. Success! Grab the build plans at

hanging crows

Hitchcockian Halloween Birds

Alfred Hitchcock proved that birds can be terrifying over 50 years ago, and now’s your chance to instill that fear into a new era of trick-or-treaters. With just a few items from around the house and your local hardware store, you can create a flock of frightful fowl to position and perch precariously on the porch. Perfect! Get the project plans for this Halloween decoration here.


Arachnophobia 2.0

There aren’t many people who actually enjoy the company of spiders, so it’s always a good bet that an eight-legged Halloween display will spook a few passers-by. Kick it up a notch and build an enormous Halloween spider that could possibly gobble up a medium-sized dog or poorly dressed 5-year-old Spiderman. Leave it to spin webs near the front door, and watch as trick-or-treaters stare it down. Instructions for Mr. Mega Spider can be found at

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