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Best Christmas Gifts of 2018 for Car Lovers on Your List


We spend a lot of time in our cars, but most people overlook that driving time when thinking about buying gifts for themselves or others. Why not make the ride a little more enjoyable for the driver in your life with one of these great Christmas gifts? They’ll spread some automotive holiday cheer to just about any car lover on your Christmas list.

Best Christmas Gifts of 2018 for Car Lovers on Your List

For the Tech Savvy ($130) 

Your car has a bigger brain than you might think and uses its computers to track all kinds of data, including gas mileage, engine health, and vehicle performance. Automatic is a device that plugs into your diagnostic port and pairs with your phone to give you easy access to all this data. As an added bonus, the program is also compatible with tons of other smart apps, allowing you to use Automatic to record trip miles, perform engine diagnostics, or even turn on your house lights or heater when you get close to home.

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For the Chauffeur ($25) 

Anyone who regularly drives around passengers or have multiple devices to keep track of—like Uber or Lyft drivers—will appreciate a magnetic dual phone mount. Some attach to car vents, but the one designed by InfiniApps inserts into the CD player of any standard car radio and comes with two magnetic docks to conveniently hold your smart devices securely. Don’t have a metal-backed phone? Never fear as this phone mount comes with low-profile, high-intensity magnets that affix to the back of your devices or your phone case.

Beating the Ice ($15) 

Another great heated gadget for anyone with a frosty Roanoke commute is this handy heated ice scraper. It heats up to quickly via a long-corded DC plug and melts through the hard-to-chip ice that can make scraping the windshield a tedious pre-drive workout.

A Unique Car Gift

A Unique Car Gift ($20)

Fresh Face air fresheners offer you a unique way to give a gift that keeps giving. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and Fresh Face allows you to personalize a set of three air fresheners with portraits of loved ones and friends! You can add up to three different images or use the same image three times. And they come in classic scents like New Car, Island Breeze, and Fresh Linen, as well as some wacky breakfast scents like Coffee and Bacon.

Staying Classy ($10) 

Whatever the occasion, these car-themed cufflinks found on Etsy will keep your favorite driver dapper and delighted! The gear shift and speedometer cufflinks are a great all-around Christmas present. Or grab a set of map cufflinks with your giftee’s favorite driving destination for an even more personal touch.

Keeping Things Organized ($10)

Keychains are a common gift that many drivers have received, but there are a few keychains that are more useful than others. These Animal Head Keychains are not only a stylish car accessory, but they can also help you stay organized by keeping track of your keys. Each animal head has a strong magnet that affixes to a small matching wooden placard that you can hang on a wall for easy and organized key storage.

High-Tech Key Chain

High-Tech Key Chain ($20+) 

If you’re looking for the ultimate in key organization, this handy gadget might be the perfect gift. Keyport combines the sensibility of a Swiss Army Knife with a keychain, neatly folding your keys away inside of an anodized aluminum case. Keyport can also be customized with several add-ons such as pens, USB drives, lights, and locator chips. They even have multi-tool and pocketknife attachments to make this a truly versatile Christmas car gift for anyone on your list.

A New or CPO INFINITI (Priceless)

From high-tech to high fashion, Berglund INFINITI of Roanoke wants to help make everyone on your holiday shopping list happy, especially you! This year, ditch the socks and make some room in your garage for a new luxury car or SUV. We have a large inventory of new INFINITI models and certified pre-owned cars for sale, as well as some amazing holiday INFINITI specials that’ll help you save money.

Contact our Roanoke INFINITI sales team at (540) 344-6284 or stop by before the holidays get underway. Our Roanoke INFINITI dealership is located at 5000 Franklin Road, which is just a short drive from Blacksburg and Harrisonburg, VA. Happy holidays!



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