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Essential Steps to Take After Being in a Car Accident


After the post-collision smoke has cleared, it’s important to take the proper steps in order to best prepare for an insurance claim. Do you know what you should do to simplify the process? Whether you need an auto body shop in Salem to help with your collision repairs or just some insightful words of wisdom, we’re here to help. This collision damage repair article will hopefully take some of the stress off your shoulder during this traumatic time.


Medical Help is #1

First, if needed, always seek medical care immediately for injuries sustained during the crash. Don’t leave the car unless an EMT or police officer informs you to, as your injuries can worsen if you move. If able, document all injuries with photos; this will help you later if there are issues with your insurance claim.

Gather Information

If you’re not significantly injured, take photos of the accident and all vehicles involved. Some insurance companies even allow you to submit these photos with your claim on a smartphone app or through their website.

Compile other information that is important for filing your insurance claim. Some significant items you should save include:

  • Drivers/passengers names and contact information
  • Vehicle descriptions
  • Driver’s license numbers
  • License plates
  • Insurance policy details
  • Accident scene location or address
  • Police officer’s name and badge number
  • Witness contact details


Tow Your Car to an Auto Body Shop

Before filing a claim, you should begin the search for an auto body shop that can help with a car crash. If your car isn’t drivable, you will require a towing service to get you to an approved body shop. If you have roadside assistance included in your insurance policy, this should be covered.

Also, remember this: You ultimately can choose which auto body shop to use for your auto repairs. Your insurance agency-approved shops are oftentimes used because they give better prices to the insurer. However, you won’t see those savings, so you’re free to choose a place you would like your repairs done at, regardless of their opinion.

When looking for a good place to get help with a car crash in Roanoke, VA, you’ll want to answer the following questions:

  • Do they have experience working on your type of car?
  • Do they have a lifetime warranty or any warranty at all?
  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they have good reviews to prove their service?
  • Have they worked with your insurance before?

Our Berglund Body Works location in Roanoke offers towing and rental vehicles for customers, so you won’t have to worry about the logistics of collision damage repair. Just call our Roanoke body shop for assistance.

File Your Auto Insurance Claim

Depending on your auto insurer, you may make a claim on the phone, electronically or through an app. Also, the Berglund auto body shop can help you through the claims process so you can get your car repaired quickly.

What Are the Most Common Types of Auto Body Repairs After an Accident?

Although some collisions result in near-catastrophic vehicle damage, dings and dents are probably the most common damages that occur due to an accident. With Paintless Dent Repair, most of those car dents can be fixed without a problem. Other common auto repairs needed after an accident include:

  • Bumper replacement
  • Rear-end repair
  • Side panel replacement
  • Broken headlights repair
  • Airbag replacement
  • Autoglass repair
  • Suspension corrections
  • Electronic system resets
  • Wheel alignments

When you require help with a car crash in Salem, VA, let our Ford service center or the experts at Berglund Body Works of Roanoke get to work on your collision repairs. Contact us at (540) 389-7291 or schedule an appointment to receive an estimate today. And if you need a newer vehicle after an accident has left yours salvaged, take a look at our various used cars for sale in Salem. You’ll save a ton by shopping at Berglund Ford!


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