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The Best & Worst Products to Buy on Black Friday


Not all bargains are built the same, especially when it comes to Black Friday sales. Those big-time savings are usually too good to be true, but sometimes they’re just truly good. So, how can you tell which products are worth the trip and which aren’t? As a premier Roanoke car dealership, we’d like to shed some light on the whole “should I, shouldn’t I” dilemma. Here are some of our recommendations on what you should and shouldn’t buy on Black Friday.


What NOT to Buy on Black Friday

  • Holiday Decorations & Wrapping Paper – If you’ve planned the holidays well enough, you shouldn’t need any additional seasonal items. Instead, prepare to hit the store after Christmas for deals on wrapping paper, bows, scotch tape, and all the Xmas decorations your little hands can gather. You’ll save a pretty penny going this route.
  • 1080p Televisions – You won’t see Black Friday deals without a bargain or two on HD TVs. But, are those high-def discounts really worth it? According to, not necessarily; experts predict that 4K televisions may drop in price over the coming years, meaning those 1080p models will also drop in price. Save your dough and wait for next season.
  • Toys – Little Johnny may want that hot new toy this season, but he can wait. The best toy deals usually come out a few weeks before Christmas, not on Black Friday. Of course, if they’re fly-off-the-shelf hot, those toys might be sold out by then (visions of Tickle Me Elmo haunt some parents to this very day).
  • Gym Equipment – Don’t get into the New Year’s resolutions just yet—there’s still plenty of carbs to inhale before 2018 begins! In fact, those treadmills and stationary bikes are usually better bargains after December 25th, as the manufacturers know all too well that people will be supplementing their gym memberships with future dust-collecting fitness equipment.

Buy These Items on Black Friday

  • Cookware – Now that Thanksgiving’s over, all those roasting pans, pots, and griddles might be priced to sell.
  • Appliances – Be on the lookout for Black Friday deals on new household appliances. You can often spot big savings on dishwashers, stoves, fridges, and washer-dryer combos. Just be sure to read reviews and research prices to see if that “bargain” is really a bargain!
  • Vacuums – You don’t usually think about buying a vacuum until yours has fizzled out—and many people notice their dirt-sucker-upper isn’t cutting it when they’re cleaning up for Thanksgiving visitors. What perfect timing!
  • Game Consoles – Black Friday is like the primetime network for gamers, as the best discounts on current gaming consoles, accessories, and certain games poke their heads out around then.
  • A New Car – What kind of car dealer would we be if we didn’t mention this on our “must-buy” list for Black Friday? It also happens to be true! While those shopping hordes hit big-box retail outlets inside Roanoke’s Valley View Mall, you can avoid those crowds and get an amazing deal on a brand-new vehicle at our car dealership near Rocky Mount. Our Black Friday car specials are no joke.

Tips for Buying a Car on Black Friday

It’s also true that Black Friday can be a busy day for our Roanoke car dealers. To help you avoid the stress and drive off with a deal, follow these tips:

  1. Test drive before Black Friday to out which model you adore most. (At our Berglund dealership, we have a variety of new Chrysler, Dodge, Ram, and Jeep vehicles for you to check out.)
  2. Schedule a Black Friday appointment in advance. The best times to shop are almost always early in the morning.
  3. Get pre-approved for financing before you shop. You can get approval for car loans online by using our auto financing tool.
  4. Bring all necessary paperwork with you, including proof of address and insurance and your trade-in valuation, if applicable.
  5. Form a relationship with your local car dealer. If you plan on shopping at Berglund Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram, read more about our Roanoke auto dealership, meet our professionals, and contact us in advance to shopping. We’ll be happy to help you plan your Black Friday visit!

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Face it: we’ve already got you thinking about all the Black Friday excitement you’re bound to dive into. (You’re welcome!) As always, trust in Berglund to cater to your every automotive need, regardless of the season. Browse our inventory of new and used cars for sale near Salem, and let us get you out on the road. Call us at (540) 345-9881 or stop by our Roanoke dealership at 2525 Franklin Rd SW to take a test drive.



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