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The Most Dangerous Intersections in Roanoke, VA


As a resident of or frequent traveler in Roanoke or Montgomery County, you’ve no doubt ventured through a chaotic local crossroad or two. If you came out safely on the other side of any of the notoriously dangerous Roanoke intersections, count your stars, because even the most cautious drivers can get unlucky.


Here are some of the local intersections you may want to drive through with wide-open eyes:

  • Electric Road & Elm View Road (Roanoke) – Over the last five years, this dangerous Roanoke junction ass accounted for more than 55 car crashes.
  • North Main Street & US 460 (Blacksburg) – Since 2009, there have been more than 62 car accidents at or around this Blacksburg intersection.
  • Cloverdale Road & Challenger Ave (Roanoke) – The worst intersection offender in Roanoke seems to be Cloverdale/Challenger, which accounts for more than 60 accidents since 2013.
  • Ogden Road & Electric Road (Cave Spring) – The Tanglewood Mall intersection is often congested, resulting in numerous collisions over the years. Plans to rebuild this section of US 419 have been made, but the project won’t begin until 2021.
  • Southgate Drive & US 460 (Blacksburg) – More than 60 car crashes have occurred at this junction of US 460 since 2014.
  • Peppers Ferry Road & N Franklin Street (Christiansburg) – In 2016 alone, the short section of Virginia 114/Peppers Ferry Rd near the New River Valley Mall has seen 42 car crashes. However, that represents a decrease from the 67 and 59 crashes that occurred in 2014 and 2015, respectively.

Want to find the most dangerous streets and intersections near your home? Use this online tool to retrieve reported collision data in Virginia.


What to Do After an Car Accident

Whether you’ve been in a collision at a hazardous Roanoke intersection or simply dinged your car in a parking lot, you should follow these steps to ensure you and everyone involved is covered:

  1. First and foremost, you should remain calm. While it’s perfectly normal to be scared after a car crash, don’t let your nerves, anxiety, and anger get to you. Breathe in. Breathe out.
  2. Move your vehicle to a safe area, if possible. Safe areas are usually low-traffic spots, such as parking lots, side streets, or designated crash locations.
  3. Call 911. Ask for immediate medical assistance if you or anyone else has sustained an injury.
  4. Gather and provide information peacefully—no one likes confrontation, especially after a traumatic event such as a car accident—including names, phone numbers, insurance details, license plate numbers, and vehicle makes and models. If an eyewitness is available, ask for their information, too.
  5. Take photographs of the damage with your phone. This can be used as documentation for your insurance claim and any future lawsuits, if applicable.
  6. When the police arrive, explain the events that led to the accident without admitting blame. You’ll receive a police report or police report number, which will be needed to file your claim.
  7. Contact your auto insurance agent to go over your next steps. These steps usually involve getting an inspection, filing a claim, and answering questions about the accident.

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