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9 Family-Friendly DIY Halloween Costumes from Berglund Automotive Group


Halloween is fast approaching. For some, that means a frightfully good time; for others, it means your embarrassing scream might squeak out at the drop of a hat. For people in the latter grouping, costumes with a bit more whimsy might be best. Whether you’re set to trick-or-treat with young kids at your side or hand out candy come October 31st, we’re certain you won’t find more creative, non-terrifying costumes than the nine listed below. Read on and prepare to stretch your DIY-muscles when crafting these family-friendly Halloween costumes.

  1. Bumble Bee a Chevy Camaro for Halloween



Made out of leftover cardboard, coffee cans, plastic wheels, clearance-aisle paint, and a homemade Chevrolet logo, this bona fide Transporters/Camaro costume can be crafted without shelling out Michael Bay-type dough. Aside from one of our pre-owned Chevy Camaros, this is about as affordable as the iconic sports car gets.

  1. I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of… Grapes

Just a few dollars in accessories—balloons, felt, and safety pins make up this costume—is all it takes to be a big grape vine this Halloween. Embarrass your kids and impress fruit enthusiasts as you stroll through your local Roanoke neighborhood on October 31st. Dare to be colorful and check out the instructions for this Halloween costume here.

  1. The Artist Formerly Known as Fetus

Once you get the lace ascot, velvet jacket (2T), and enough metallic accents to envelope a tank, all you’ll need to complete this toddler Halloween costume is a Little Red Corvette (sorry—only adult-sized Chevy Corvettes available at Berglund Auto Group).

  1. Trick or Tree(t)



What is it with the Great White North and trees? Posted on Canada’s Ford blog, this fresh Halloween costume idea is perfectly suited for Ford owners, cabbies, and lovers of the film Seven. With some effort, household items, and a couple of bucks in spray paint, you too can become everyone’s favorite evergreen Car-Freshner. Read the instructions online.

  1. Pleased to Meatball You

While it may be a traditional Italian menu item, spaghetti and meatballs are rarely seen walking around the streets of Virginia—or anywhere else, for that matter. Consider donning this creative Halloween costume this year, and we’re sure one out of every four people you pass will try to nibble on your delicious noodly locks. Some bare instructions can be found here.

  1. French Chia Pet

What pet owner doesn’t feel superior when their four-legged friend’s eyes are filled to the brim with confusion? Turning your dog into a Chia Pet is perhaps the ultimate way to give him an identity crisis. Is he a bush, canine, or something else entirely? The world may never know. (No animals were hurt in the making of this Halloween costume.)

  1. He Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts

Riding in the Ecto 1 was just about every boy’s fantasy in the 80s. With the most recent reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise, this quintessential ghost-busting hearse is back. Live vicariously through your kiddo on Halloween by constructing this incredible miniature version of your childhood dream car. Check out the instructions here.

  1. A Wicket Cute Ewok

No matter your feelings about The Return of the Jedi, you can’t argue that this little Ewok won’t melt a heart or two. If your toddler can pass for one of these furry mammaloid bipeds from the forested moon of Endor—the ones who hunt and gather in groups and live in arboreal dwellings, not the evil-eyed ones—craft him or her the costume of all costumes. An old orange shirt, messenger bag, and teddy bear outfit are the only items you need to incite a few yelps of glee from passers-by.

  1. A Costume Straight OUTATIME



By now you’re likely aware that theme costumes from the 1980s strike our fancy. So there’s no surprise that we conclude this list with an outfit that represents that era best: The DeLorean. Although we probably don’t have the seminal sports car in our inventory of used cars, this classic DMC model can be yours for the price of a children’s wagon and with some extra diligence. Plus, you can transform your toddler into a bright-eyed Marty McFly. That’s your density—I mean, destiny. View the instructions for creating this Halloween costume here.

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